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  1. Warning; mind bombing may occur. lol.

    Hey everybody! This is my first post, and I pretty much registered here just to post this. I figured this would be the best place to post this because I see it as a philosophical, spiritual thing; it could even fall into the psychology category.

    So anyways, not to brag, but my friends and I are very good at having tons of fun, and blowing our minds. I am a proud psychonaut (Psychonaut - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). So about a year ago was when I first started reading about sensory deprivation (Sensory deprivation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). It's fascinating, you know, we totally have more than five senses, and when you take away certain senses, other senses are enhanced or exaggerated. Mainly what I'm talking about are mental senses, like imagination, mental imagery, and feelings (emotions).

    So one day it hit me. Sensory deprivation + marijuana...brilliant!

    By sensory deprivation here I mean blind fold, and ear plugs/ear muffs. I figured, the mental feeling of being high may be exaggerated if you're deprived of other senses. It's like our conscious awareness can only concentrate on so many stimulus intake at once, so if we take away stimuli, we'd be able to concentrate on other stimuli in more depth.

    I tried sensory deprivation + marijuana toking about this time last year, with AMAZING results. So here's what you gotta do. First, you have to be brave, and buy into the weirdness of this. You're probably going to want to make absolutely sure there isn't any chance of getting caught/in trouble for smoking pot before hand to avoid paranoia. So first, get everything ready. Pack a big fat bowl, get a lighter, and probably a Mountain Dew. Then, blind fold yourself, and make yourself be able to hear as little as possible. Get accustomed to this. Be as relaxed as you can, and get use to not being able to see/hear anything. Sit down, and get comfortable, and even meditate a little. Then when you're ready, light up! It may take a few tries, but you'll eventually be able to light the pipe/bong and feel smoke entering your lungs (I wouldn't recommend using a joint for obvious reasons).

    Finish off the bowl, sit, and wait. Concentrate on your thoughts, and mental awareness of things. Eventually you will getting absolutely baked. The feeling is ridiculous. Don't let it scare you, but this can be intense. You're able to feel the feeling of being high in a completely new way. And go ahead, take a sip of Mountain Dew, it will be amazing.

    I don't want to ruin any surprises, but everything goes crazy. Your mental ideas about the room you're in, cognitive maps, and especially proprioception (Proprioception - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) are exaggerated in a quite a unique way.

    If you're into meditating, do this and meditate!

    This is incredibly awesome to do alone, or with friends. Usually with friends, we just use the blind fold, and no ear plugs. Conversation is awesome, and we even had a blind fold dance party one time to trance music (Vibrasphere is a good band for this). The best thing to do is sit in front of an oscillating fan and concentrate on the feeling of it sweeping over you. Playing with strange toys is wicked fun also. Adventuring around your house rules. One time at college me and friend of mine went down stairs in our dorm and to a vending machine at like 3am, we got a little lost, and it was hilarious (true story!).

    I even had someone try this at a party once. He said he was in a desert, and he was holding his hands in front of his face saying the sun was SOO bright and hot. lmao.

    Whatever you do, don't peek, it'll ruin everything!

    The best BEST though is when you rip off your blindfold after like 8 minutes. You can feel all the colors rush into your body. Usually having a song set up to speakers to listen to immediately after entering reality again is awesome (I always listen to And Your Bird Can Sing by The Beatles, for traditions sake). Then dance!

    So please, give this a try, you will NOT be disappointed. Don't brush it off as boring or stupid. All of my friends loved it. The longer you haven't smoked before hand the better. Take like a week off and try this, you'll go nuts. It's comparable to aspects of tripping, in that, I've felt things I had never felt before. With friends' suggestions we 've tried some weird stuff, like listening to static blind folded, and seting up microphones that distort your voice (whilst blind folded). Recently a friend of mine tried salvia in sensory deprivation mode. All nuts.

    I've looked everywhere and couldn't find anything like this online. So for the record, this is the first mention of this on the web. If anyone has any other weird/similar ideas please post them, it would be sweet if we had a whole section for psychonauting experiments.

    Have a fucking blast!! :hello:
  2. Sounds cool, but why the caffeination?
  3. This sounds like a great night! Thanks for the insight and the idea..I'll report back tomorrow and tell you how it went:smoking:
  4. I meditate high all the time. Same kind of concept.
  5. haha, I just love Mountain Dew. You should just get a drink you like, because taste seems enhanced also o_O , and just for usual dry mouth after smoking.

  6. Aha... more sense is made.
  7. Whoa dude, fucking awesome quotes at the bottom of your thing there btw...
  8. Thanks a lot. :) Only one is technically a quote.

    Btw, if you're really from Medford, that's chill. My uncle, aunt, and cousin live there.
  9. This sounds sick I will definitely be trying this.
  10. I definitely will try this my next session. Don't know why I've never tried this myself. Maybe it sounds a little scary -- you face the edge of reality and your ego will scream in pain.

    Actually, there is a form of meditation where monks go into a dark cave for weeks. After a few days they start tripping and seeing visuals ... w/out drugs.

    Ever hear of sensory deprivation chambers? It's a coffin like structure that's half filled with lukewarm salt water. It's sound proof and you float in total darkness. On youtube you can find a clip of Joe Rogan talking about a time he went into one of these after smoking DMT. Something I wanna try too.
  11. Woah, that monk cave thing sounds like these "vision quest" things I've learned about. Caves sounds crazier though.

    "The vision quest may be said to make the initiated establish contact with a spirit or force. Psychologically, it may have effected hallucinations. See a complex emic and etic approach to shamanism among Eskimo peoples in [1].
    The technique may be similar to sensory deprivation methods. It may include long walking on uninhabited, monotonous areas (tundra, inland, mountain); fasting; sleep deprivation; being closed in a small room (e.g. igloo)." -WIKI

    Yeah! I would love to try out one of those tank things. Have you seen that episode of The Simpsons where Homer and Lisa go into one? I've never tried dmt, but i'd like to at some point.
    The first time I learned about sens dep. was when I saw this documentary:
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6quxDyZX6-E]YouTube - 1of5 -- ALONE- The Brain, Sensory Deprivation and Isolation[/ame]
    Really interesting stuff if you're curious about it.
  12. This sounds like a really, really good idea. I am going to try it tomorrow but I have a question first. Did you smoke blindfolded, and if you did how exactly did that work? Thanks for the idea dude, I have really high expectations.
  13. i blaze and listen to music with my eyes closed all the time, gotta try blocking off sounds as well
  14. Oh yeah, you gotta smoke with the blind fold on. That way you can really feel it affecting your body as it first starts to hit you. Yeah, it can be a little tricky, just set it up before hand, and put the pipe/bong right next to you, with a lighter. Just keep lighting where you think the bowl is and breathing in, it's bound to eventually work. Have fun!
  15. this sounds awesome, im deffinatly gonna try this next time i have bud (later today hopefully), ill have to see about getting some ear plugs, n a nose plug maybe?
    and also, im happy to see other fellow psychonauts.
  16. im gunna try the blindfolded bake sometime sounds sick good idea
  17. Fuck yes, I'm defs gonna try it.
  18. I have to try this sometime, sounds like quite the experience...

    I love sensory deprivation trips!
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