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Awesome first pipe!(pics)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Tokage567, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. #1 Tokage567, Aug 12, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 12, 2008
    Ok now that I've turned 19, I bought my first pipe. It's a sweet little green metal pipe with a lid so i can carry around a loaded bowl for whenever i need it!

    here's a pic of it

    So, what do you tokers think of this pipe? Is it a good first pipe?
  2. Nice piece, man. Eventually you'll want glass, it's just cleaner, but what you've got certainly looks like it will work...
  3. why is glass cleaner? Metal pipes are easier to clean since you can take 'em apart?
  4. glass pipes let the air cool down much better and are easier to clean cuz you can just rinse it with alcohal and salt
  5. ^^^
    The truth... Also, glass is not succeptible to deteriorating with the regular application of heat (which aluminum pipes certainly are), and take-apart pieces are always flimsier than solid, unapartmented ones (even when they're glass, i.e. diffused bong with ash-catcher, etc.)
  6. hey man are you serious with this crack pipe


    have some class and get a glass on glass bong

    i almost feel like i'm failing you as a fellow stoner because i cant stop you
  7. Yeah definitely a glass on glass bong, they make you so spoiled:smoking:
  8. Lol it's not a crack pipe! It's good for me since I live with the 'rents who don't like the smoking habit. I can just smoke a bowl in my room blow the smoke out the window and put it in my pocket. I can't just buy a bong and put it in my room for everyone to see!
  9. Not bad, ive smoked out of that exact pipe but it had Dice all over it, Not bad at all.
  10. looks like it would tear your throat in half after a few bowls. but nice first peice!:)
  11. I have a metal one just like you except mine is black and the "tube" part isnt as fat, its got a plastic piece over the metal so you can hold it when the bowl gets hot. Its really sweet and I really like the fact that its got a top on the bowl with a small hole so if someone walks by me or whatever I can quickly put it in my pocket without the weed spilling over. Seems like urs has a top also, so I say smoke on brotha man. I'll take a pic of mine soon :D
  12. AHAHAHHA this so reminds me of my first pipe(also metal) and it was very similar to that, just a small metal pipe that comes apart.I remember showing it to my friend and he goes....Why do you have a crack pipe?im like wtf its not a crack pipe its a WEED pipe. hahha
  13. yes, it's a good first pipe.
    someday you'll actually be a Seasoned Toker
  14. Get glass... i cant stand metal
  15. I used a piece like that for a while. Not recomended. heats up so much, burns your lips if oyu have any sort of tolerance because you have to keep packing bowls. Crackpipes FTL
  16. if you havent smoked out of a glass bowl, then you wouldnt understand.
    i made the same mistake as you, then i smoked out of glass.
    once you do, metal bowls are awful and super harsh.
    just spend that 30 bucks now and get a nice glass piece, you wont be left down.
  17. try putting a straw on the end of that thing and use it as a slide as it might cool the smoke a bit more and u can get much bigger tokes :smoking:
  18. That uh... that's a crack pipe. Good for... well crack.
  19. all right all right.... look people... it is NOT a crack pipe... ita pipe for smoking bud as crack pipes are well.... look like crack pipes not metal weed pipes. True, Glass is a LOT better. I'm sure he will buy one eventually. I had to go with only a metal pipe for 3 months or so because of my parents and it sucked ass, but im back to bongs now so im happy.

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