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Awesome day..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by DookieBeanz, May 10, 2010.

  1. So i today i decided to break free of the usual routine and have a solo smoking day. So i set out to the woods with my stone pipe, sweet sensameillia and my magnifying glass for those solar hits, keeping it all natural of course.:) So while im on my nature hike, i pick a good spot underneath a tree to sit down and start burnin my ganja. About halfway thorough my sesh i look up and find out im under a wild apricot tree, and right next to me there was a blackberry bush full of ripe blackberries. After i finished my herb, i helped myself to natures bounty of delicious treats and just sat thinking about our ancesteral roots for about an hour. I love nature. Happy blazing:smoking:
  2. That sounds chill as shit. A whole bush a food right next to you? Thats heven right there.

    did you have any music playing? that would top it all of for me.
  3. Hell yeah man. Ipod full of zepplin. :smoke::bongin:
  4. You my friend, had a perfect day.
  5. man that sounds like a dream come true, ive always wanted to go blaze up in the trees but theres none in walking distance from here so i guess ill have to stick to backyards and garages lol
  6. That sounds pretty awesome im jealous. I just went outside my complex today and blaze afew bowls. I was trippin balls cause theres little children everywhere, and i didnt want anyone to pop out and see me smoking from a popcan , so i hurried it up, which sucks cause i like to chill .
  7. Ahh, nothing like blazing and just relaxing with nature. I love taking camping trips during the summer with nothing extra but my ipod and cannabis, a weekend with no worries, no stress, just good old R&R.
  8. The fact that nature isn't a requirement in getting high makes me sad =(

  9. Ah, now here is a guy I could chill with. I'm right there with you bro. I live on a mountain and whenever it's nice and warm out I usually walk through the woods, down to the creek and smoke a top this big rock over the water.
  10. I love blazin up and enjoying nature, my favorite is chillin on my boat during sunset just anchored up in the middle of the lake, it's actually really breathtaking
  11. dude thats chill as chill fucking gets

    i love blackberries

    but apricots?
    man you hit jackpot
  12. The stoner gods have smiled upon you my friend. I love nothing more than rolling up a couple joints and taking a long nature's unbelievably relaxing.
  13. good shit bro
  14. i blaze in the forest also. get some uplifting music on the pod and go fishing and or hiking and just enjoy nature. i love nature even when im sober so its a double hardcore anal pounding right there
  15. You lucked out man, I need a day like this sometime soon.

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