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awesome dank :nice pics!!!:

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by happybuddah45, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. ok i had been waiting a couple days to get this bud. it seemed as everyone was dry

    i got hooked the fuck up since i waited three days i got a quarter for 120 but was given.7 extra!!!! shwing!!!!!!

    TASTE:the taste of this bud is very sweet with that sour kind of taste when exhaling out my nose

    SMELL: the smell of this shit is crazy i had this in a single ziplock and put it in my closet only to find out that my whole closet reaked of dank sweet skunk

    HIGH:this bud was a mixture or sativa and indica at first when i smoked this my head felt really clear then it started thumping and turning indica and my arms and legs started to tingle but i wasnt tired when i felt the indo

    sorrly i liek to talk a lot heres the pics :hello:
  2. looks very good
  3. bet u were happy to come up on that after being dry ;)
  4. ooo sooo happy only had to smoke .3 to get nice and lifted not baked but a good stone
  5. I like it alot, actually. Looks like it's good quality pot.
  6. anyone else?? thanks for the responses people
  7. Some doja fasho. Looks a little guard leafy but they look keifed out.
    Have fun with that, here in Houston I cant find shit for good bud this summer.
    :'( Pity me
  8. oh shit, your in htown too? Im about to message you man!
  9. Looks like some quality smoke!! +rep
  10. thanks alot dude ima hit this blunt just for you!!

    keep it coming people
  11. damn nice nugs man, really good. glad you finally found some nice bud
  12. fashoi was sick of dumb kids trying to sell me "the best shit ever" quarters for 150 they dont even know what bud is:p sooo highhhhh:smoking:
  13. Looks like a batch of macado I saw recently, nice buds man.:smoking:
  14. you know you got some chron when your leaves are iced out like that. looks bomb man.

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