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Awesome Creative Hiding Spots

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hankderb420, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. I know this thread has been made a billion times but I need a easilly accesible hiding place in my room any ideas, please?;)
  2. when i was younger in my room i had a rug that covered the entire surface of the hardwood floor underneath, except like a half foot from the walls. (just a loose rug) if you have this what i did was stash my sacks underneath the rug in the corner that my bed was positioned. Nobody ever found it lol..
  3. hallowed out ipod
  4. If you have a dresser, pull out a drawer and tape a big bag to the back, keep your shit in there. You may need strong glue and shit though.
  5. I have a pillow that is hollow with a velcro strap on the back. When I bought it, it came with like a blanket inside, but I just use my pillow for hiding my stuff.
  6. well for me i have a nice bed, with bedposts with little meatle caps on top, so i pryed off the cap and every time my mom was out of the house i would get a drill and work on it.

    eventually i had a nice space that was in plane sight but no1 would ever guess to look thear:hello:
  7. In side speaker, inside pairs of rolled up socks sock cabnit. In side some old toys if you have any. CD or DVD cases. inside the pockets of a shirt hanging in the closet. Empty out a deoderant stick and hide it in there. If there is a vent in your room see if you can open it.

  8. just like the fat kids in Heavyweights. . .
  9. inside a box, take a dresser or an end table and take out the bottom drawer and then place the box inside the openspace
  10. LOL :laughing:
  11. Best place is if you have a PS2. In back there is an expansion bay slot. Open that up and its and empty metal case. It doesn't get too hot in there. And NO ONE will ever look in there.
  12. hollow out an old book no one will look into
  13. I use the inside of my PSP to hide seeds/small baggys. Just open up the part where the game cartridge goes in, stuff it in there, close it. :) It's obviously not too great for anything over a gram but if you need a small/portable place to hide something than I highly suggest putting it in there.
  14. a highliter can hold 2 joints atleast mine can . oh and try and hollow out a gameboy
  15. ive seen wall electric socket safes
    (that shit you plug chargers into)
    hollowed out...

    i bought a small lockbox for like 10$ that holds most my stash
    threw it in a corner under my bed

    no need to hide what cant be opened
  16. When I was a complete noob, I put my shit in the insole of my shoe. I thought it was an absolutely wonderful idea because I could have a stash anywhere and noone would think to look there. Unfortunately, it made my weed flat. It was a bad idea.
  17. As a teenager I had to hide a lot of things and my Mom would occassionally clean out my room and snoop around. I claim to have the best hiding spot ever ~ Hope my mom ain't reading..Lol...Can you imagine? My mother @ da city!

    Anyhow, I had an old stereo kinda like you would call a boombox. The battery slots at the back can even hide a small pack of cigarrettes, NO ONE ever checks there, trust me, it beats having to hollow stuff out if you have a a boombox. I have also heard that old CD players work well at hiding places. On Ebay you can get pop cans and stuff called stash jars, do a internet search and you can find lots of selection.

    Best of Luck and hope this helped....:wave:
  18. i almost quarentee we have the smae box hahaahahh. i got mine at walmary my first time smoking. so glad i bought it. EVERYONE JSUT FUCKING BUY A SAFE!!! COPS CANT OPEN IT WITHOUT A WARRANT TOO!!!!!
  19. agreed i also have a 10 doller safe though its a one code lock so just turn it untill it opens but still

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