Awesome Birthday

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Moonmadness, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. So, its my birthday today. I was feeling shitty because I was drinking alot last night and got about 3 hours sleep.. So anyway I got a call from the dude I buy off, and got some green in the next hour. Family was over for dinner, it was boring buts props to my mom she makes some damn good chicken. The rest was awesome :

    - Rolled a nice big j
    - Killing zombies in Dead Rising 2
    - My sister and her soon spouse to be announced that they're expecting a baby!
    - Ate some damn tasty food.

    Does anybody have any awesome birthday memories?
  2. I got 35 of them. :p

    Seriously, Happy Birthday, dearie! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :hello:
  3. Hey congratulations.
    - Waiting for Dead Rising 2 to come in the post.
    - Sister had baby about 17 hours ago! A baby girl :hello:
    And having a big smoke up on thursday.
    Wow, i sound selfish talking about me on your birthday thread....
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope you had a good day . :smoke:
  4. Wheres the birthday sex?
  5. This ^
  6. happy bday bro:wave:
    i reeelly want dead rising 2 just haven't got around to it. i heard it was the shit.
  7. Only game I actually want to buy, well until COD Black Ops comes out.

    But happy birthday! Sounds like a solid one
  8. my birthdays tend to suck.
    It's right around MLK day so I used to go with my parents to visit my grandparents in florida. Had to go then cause we all would have a 3 day weekend.
    Then, in college, My birthday was during my winter break which isn't at the same time or length of normal winter breaks. So all my friends from school would be at home. and all my friends from home would be at school. I spent my 21st birthday alone, drinking a bottle of scotch, doing my homework for my winter class.

    Then, last year, I got a car. which was awesome.

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