Aw, @$%% please dont say I just killed my plants

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  1. So I overwatered them. A lot.

    2 Plants, the smaller one is ok, but over the last day my big one drooped more than the left side of john cretchiens face

    please tell me that it will recover... or somthing I can do to help it.

    or it it dead completely

    ps. was doing very well before I watered 3 days in a row

  2. I can take more pictures if needed

    just 2 days ago the plant on the right was totally fine

  3. HIGH All, *LOL*...good one. Well my Fingers, Toes and eYeS are Crossed for you. Just Leaf it alone and hope for the Best...maybe it will come back.

    Welcome to The City aiv.kiki-jiki
  4. Why overwater? They may survive. I water mine every couple of days with a small ammount of water and make sure it can drain the water

    I also invested in a tester which you insert in too the soil and it tells you if there is too much or too little water this is a good idea too use one of these until you can judge how much water too give them and how often.

    Hope your plants live keep us updated.
  5. Earlier in the season I was overwatering my plants accidently, they ended up dropping(not quiet as bad as your plant on the right) a decent ammount. They bounced back after a few days of beautiful sun.
  6. plants are made to survive things like this in the wild...if i were you i woulddig out the real wet dirt around it put dry soil down and leave her in the sun for a few days....if you can't do that i would put a fan and a few heat lamps with your normal grow light on it aswell and she should bounce back!!
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    That almost looks too bad for overwatering.. did you just transplant it?

    All you have to do is stick a finger in the soil a couple cm's. If it feels moist, DO NOT water.
  8. If you really want to kill them listen to the people in this forum. "Put them in the sun for a few days"???? How dumb can that dude be? Obviously those are indoor plants.. THE SUN WILL BURN THEM UP!! DO NOT PUT THEM IN NATURAL LIGHT!! Let them dry out and do not over water. I don't water until the plant looks like it needs water. If you cant tell by looking buy a moisture meter.
  9. it wouldn't burn the plant at all as long as it wasnt humid and over 90 degrees it would be fine
  10. I heard something about mixing parts of hydrogen peroxide with water, and oxidizing the roots...

    ..Or something along those lines.


  11. Still not looking good - this is my first grow and when I said I overwatered them I meant it,
    when the bottom leaves began getting a bit yellow I assumed it was because it was hot in my room and they were thristy... so I kept watering them

    the smaller plant is also starting to droop more, and the soil in still a bit wet

    I was gonna use a space heater for extra heat but it just seems like overkill

    Was also thinking about putting a tube or somthing down into the soil and just blowing into it as hard as I can

    the foliage is starting to get weaker near the bottom of the big plant.

    lesson learned, I guess, I was very stupid.
  12. I would not tamper with them to much, there is not a lot you can do and blowing air on them and putting them next to a heater might just cause stress.

    Just try to let them pick themselves up.
  13. Where I am it is that hot and humid.. O' yeah thanks for the bad Rep.. By the way I have a degree in hoticulture. If a plant is not hardend off to either temprature or light diiff. It can shock/burn/kill the plant. Tropical or not. A move from cfl's to direct sunlight will be too much light for it to handle.. IT WILL BURN!! No doubt.. And before handing out any more bas reputation. Get an education or buy a book. If reading is not too much of a grasp for you.

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