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    Well I really wanted to get a nice outdoor plot going and I went searching for a good spot the past couple days, now i finnaly thought I had found one (which it probally is a nice spot). You had to walk through these rasbery bushes and....poison ivy...... to get to this small open area with an opening in the top for light and bushes surrounding it for cover.

    Well as I was walking around (5 am, baked all night) I tripped because of some hole that had been covered by brush over time, well needless to say I fell right into the poison ivy and thorns of the fuckin rasbarrys. So im just gonna say fuck it, and continue growing indoors, I cant stand all the godamn bugs in the forest anyways.

    Plus I think i breathed in some F'N Ebola moss or somethin because im not feelin to great and the roof of my mouth is hella irratated. (I was smoking a cig when I tripped in the ivy tho)
  2. well i can tell you this from yeilds doubled when i went out door
  3. Doubled? try quadrupled.
  4. Oh and sucks for you about the poison ivy, im not allergic to it, fuck yeah

  5. Aww lucky ass, and about the double the yeild, that was the main reason I wanted to grow outdoors, but it just doesn't seem to be the best idea anymore haha. I seriously wish I owned my own house so I could just grow in a backyard....Sigh... My ollld friend from years ago had a f'n monster in his back yard and that thing filled like 15 jars. Well atleast all I seen was about 15, prob had more laying around but damn it was some killer bud to.
  6. yea luckily i finally am the owner of 60 acres farmland
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    Aw nice man congrats! Sooo lookin for some farmhands? haha

    Edit-Btw do you guys think it would be a terrible idea if I grew in a fairly small fenced off creek right next to where I live? I do tend to see kids and people walkin there dogs pass through often though, but the spot I was thinkin of cant be seen from the path, and I would be able to see the area the plants are in (but not the plants) from my window... Seems like a bad idea, mostly because of the smell though. Kinda irrated because I grew some bagseed (Indoors) that had damn near no smell when budding but now all I got left is dank seeds that are gonna reeek

  8. Go with your instincts, this sounds like a bad idea. Say if they were found by police, could you with no hesitation convince them that plants found in a fenced in area visible from your window are not yours? As a rule I think that you should not grow outside near or on your own property if you are growing indoors as well. The one great thing about growing outdoors is plausable deniability, basically prove that they are mine officer. Once you start growing on your own land right next to your house that would not be too hard for the DA to prove that they are yours, especially after they find your indoor set up.

    No pain no gain.

  9. nah....we are caregivers for 5 medical paitents in michigan.....i also have my medical license here in michigan...

    we are not fully operational yet.....

    working on site now.....when finished well be able to provide for 5 paitents and grow 12 plants for each paitent. i am also allowed to have 12 plants for myself because i have medical......

    when operation is fully finished we have 15+ strains and be able to have 72 plants.

    we have decided to mostly go with autoflowers because of the fast turn around.

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