Discussion in 'General' started by isis_420, Jul 31, 2002.

  1. where can i find new aviaters?
  2. If you go into your profile and edit avatar you can find a bunch of the ones provided by grasscity...

    but if you have photoshop or any photo editing program, you can virtually take any pic/graphic you have and resize it to configure, and set it at that.

    you can search on the net, and there are a few webpages out there that have them up for people to use, search "avatar" or "icon" you'll get some weird role-playing websites that might creep you out but if you dig deep enough you'll find a few cool ones, wish i had the links still but i don't :/

    good luck!! if you need any help resizing you can always send me the pic & i can resize for ya
  3. my guess would be the airport...
  4. yes?....you beckoned zia?

  5. LMAO!

  6. lol. you're so helpful.... lol :D
  7. thank you thank you..i do what i can :D:smoking:
  8. looky looky --- i got it to work. thanks for the tips, friends. :)
  9. that's an awesome avatar isis! :)
  10. yes kudos to you. =)


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