avg. cost for all equipment?

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  1. can anyone give me an average cost of what they payed for all the equipment needed to grow. not the most expensive or the cheapest equipment, just a general price range of how much a beginners gonna have to spend
  2. How many plants?
    What space?
    Outdoor Indoor?
    More specifics..........
  3. haha my bad, umm i guess 4 plants indoor and a 5' by 5' closet.
  4. Hey man. I am on my first time grow. Have three seedlings going now. The lights (400 watt hps), soil, pots, fans, mylar, etc. etc. etc.... Everything added up I spent between 250-300.
  5. I found a lotta stuff on craigslist. I paid $25 each for 250 Watt warehouse lights, and found cheap HPS bulbs on Ebay for about $15 each shipped. Then I found a Sun System 400 watt unit with hood and ballast for $100 including bulb. I got a used sqirrel cage fan that runs 100 cfm for $20 for my air intake, and used a $55 attic exhaust fan for a roof mount extractor on my shed. It came with a thermostat that I set to come on at 80 degrees. I bought the orange buckets at Home Depot for pots, they're five gallon and cost about $3 each, just dill some holes in the bottom for drainage. There's a BC nutrient starter kit that costs $30 that's all you need for several grows and I used the regular potting soil.

    On Ebay I got a thermometer with a humidty meter for $10, a 30 x lighted magnifier for $7 and a soil test kit with supplies for ten tests for $12. I scounged all the electrical boxes and metal tubing I needed for wiring from a dumpster at a remodel site, and found enough pieces of romax to run the lights. I had a timer and plugs in my junk boxes.

    I'm running a 10 x 4 grow room and a 3 x 3 veg chamber for about $300 or so

    I wish I could steal the electricity - WR
  6. So what sort of light are they? HID ?? Fluoro?

    Or incandescent, in which case they are useless and $25 each wasted.
  7. " for 250 Watt warehouse lights, and found cheap HPS bulbs on Ebay"

    HPS, thanks
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    $400 for light + ballast + cooltube
    $200 for cab
    $30 for res
    $50 for airpumps + airstones
    $120 for 6" inline fine
    $50 for duct tubing
    $25 for mylar
    $75 for nutrients
    $50 for electrcal (chords, sockets, outlets, etc..)
    $200 for miscellaneous (over the years)

    Roughly $1250 all in all over 3 years.

    Not such a bad investment considering I've harvested close to 3 pounds of da kine (and about to harvest another good one.) The first harvest already paid for the investment. This is a pretty middle of the road kind of setup, actually maybe more on the lower-mid-range budget.

  9. that about sums it up .good post:smoke:

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