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Average yield per plant

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by Whodi, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. I know it determines on a lot of factors, but what is the average yield per plant outdoors?
  2. if you buy them then it should say it somewhere on the info page. but for bag seeds its unpredictable.
  3. God i hate these questions..

  4. I've never grown outdoors. Just like indoors average is about 1.5 ounces per plant; all i'm asking for is the 'average'. It's not like i'm asking "how much will I yield." Answer the question instead of wasting your time with your useless comments next time.
  5. didnt you just waste your time with that comment?
  6. i usually shoot for bout 10 oz from each female outdoor
  7. Mate, anyone here will tell you it's not as simple as guessing a yeild... the plants could have a higher male ratio, they could get eaten by an animal, not to mention the obvious yeild depends on the strain and weather... Don't be so ignorant, do some research and start your grow and see what happens...

    You wont get answers with a post like this:

  8. 20 PLANTS (that U put your heart into) 50% males=10 plants, 50% loss to animals, disease, insects, bugs, storms,cops, hunters, friends and ripoffs =5 plants final product @ 4oz=20oz. I've checked this a few years and it holds fairly true. Some years u do great then the next, well things happen...:confused:

  9. No because it was getting a good point across to a needy person.

  10. from experienced outdoor growers i wanted to know what their average yield has been.. that is all.
  11. off an outdoor female plant the average for me is 16 oz to half a pound per plant
  12. spanishfly had a plant that gave him 26.6 ounces that's biggest I heard thus far.
  13. You look at those last 2 posts and although theyre probably true its doubtful. That'd be getting your hopes a little too high i'd imagine...even a slight over-fert can change those results dramatically
  14. god i hate cunts

    You need to read the rules and catch the vibe here before posting again. *RMJL
  15. id say the very least from 1 seed about 4-5ft tall properly ferted and looked after 1oz - 10oz dry.
    Ive had 2kg or nearly 70oz dry weight from a durban clone that was grown outside in the UK to a height of 10ft in an extremely large hole filled with potting compost ,fresh cow manure and fish blood and bonemeal the soil type in the area was mainly clay had alot of rain in the summer but a clear september and october lost a small amount to bud rot harvested late october the stem at the bottom or should I say trunk was nearly as thick as one of my legs I had to stake it up with large 6ft planks and bicycle inner tubes .
    hope this answers your question regards dave ............
  16. Wow, that's crazy! Are there pics of the plant?
  17. Outdoor plants generally yield far more than indoor plants, I know that for sure.

    I just planted 6 seeds a couple weeks ago, and, doing an outdoor grow, i expect to get about a pound and a half, if i'm lucky.

    Thats just my estimate though, and its a generous one too, i'll probably end up getting closer to a pound, maybe a little under that.
  18. If I asked a wheat grower, or a potato grower what his yield was last year, you can bet your a$$ that he would know his yield within a few percent. I can also assure you that he would be delighted to share. I find it odd that this question is so disrespected in this community.

    I try to average about a pound of sinsemilla per plant in my greenhouse. When I'm growing seed, the production falls.
  19. Yield is dependent on a lot of factors. Here in the southern part of Oregon, it is not uncommon for outdoor plants to easily put on quite a few pounds of dried plant material. But, like I said above, it is dependent on quite a few factors... pot/planter size, environment (latitude plays a big role here in determining the length and severity of growing season), size of plant when put outside, etc etc.
  20. average yield per plant for me, 6ft 1.5 lb outside with perfect environment (depends)

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