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AVB using the wait method and oil?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by arn1016, May 10, 2011.

  1. okay so i have made edibles may times but my question is i have about 7 grams of AVB and maybe 5 grams of stems. im thinking about making brownies with them once i get a half oz of avb but could i let the AVB and stems sit in the oil to abosrb the THC while i collect more AVB in different container and then slowly add it to the oil/ AVB mix every so often then i plan on heating the oil to get the rest of the THC thats kicking around in the newer AVB:smoke: so basically while some in abosrbing in the oil id save AVB for a week then add to oil/avb mix and keep going for a few weeks till i cook it then cook it into brownies but will it make the oil bad or what? thanks for info
  2. If you heat the oil you will get quicker & better results :smoke:
  3. im planning on heating it once i have a half oz of avb. but i plan to add like 3 grams here 3 grams there in the oil thats sitting. figure itd be extra time absorbing while i wait to cook the avb / oil mix.
  4. Yes mate that will work fine - I tend to use just bud which always works well.

    I had 15mls of oil the other day in a milkshake and was high for 10+ hrs
  5. how much bud you use?
  6. 10g of good stuff for a 400mls bottle of oil - works very well, but the cost to produce it is around £80 ha ha, don't tell the wife :smoke:
  7. so 400 mls of oil last you a while then if your using 15 ml i think id do 30 mls.
  8. O yeah sure its strong stuff and only use it when not working - great before flying etc ha ha
  9. #9 Pufferz, May 14, 2011
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    Hmmmm 400ml from 10g and 15ml was a good dose I think I'll be doin that. What kind of oil u use?

    Plus what's better then drinking a milkshake AND getting stoned?
  10. So if I made oil with 4 grams of good shit and like 2 grams of AVB and trim I could expect to get 150-200 ml of potent stuff?
    Can I make like 80 ml instead but make it stronger so i can just take 2-3 ml at a time? :D

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