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Avb Cannabutter First Try.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Smokinsutra, May 26, 2013.

  1. Alright so this is what SWIMs got goin on, SWIM has 4 grams of avb and 4 grams of mids. SWIMs gunna summer it in a pan for 45 min with 1stick of melted butter, stirring repeatedly. Then SWIM will pour it all in a bowl and throw it in the fridge for 3 hours. SWIM will remelt the butter after it has cooled for 3 hours and strain the mixture and put the liquid butter in the fridge to solidify. SWIMs read that cooling it and then re melting it makes the THC bond better with the lipids. Hope this works. Will post results.
  2. 45 minutes seems like a lot, also you don't have to say "swim".... Lol

    Let us know how it goes
  3. Lol my bad. I guess it's habit when posting on forums. Anyway I just put it in the fridge, I took your advice and cooked it for less time. It was just about 15 min when I took if off. It looks promising compared to pictures I've seen of others but I guess we'll find out. I think ill make some cookies with it.
  4. Alright after 3 hours in the fridge I took it out and re melted it. Even on my stoves low setting, the butter was still bubbling a bit so I put a pot upside down over the flame and let my butter melt in a pot ontop of that. I strained it the exact same way as explained in "Hashmouf's Recipe Guide For CannaButter". In fact most if what I did came from his guide, I dont want to wrongfully take credit. But anyway I strained it and threw it in the fridge for an hour or so. When it was done it was a nice light green. It had a few dark swirls in it and it looked great. I plan on posting pics. I'm baking some cookies right now and will post results.
  5. ^ sounds good! melt some on your pancakes!!! its bomb!!!
  6. Awesome dude, I was looking for the recipe for ya but I got stoned sidetracked and forgot... Lmao

    Post pics when it's done, I've had good success with cannabutter probably the most potent edible created (that I've tried)

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