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  1. This is a really cool feature, but for some reason I can't see the image I uploaded to the site. I don't see anyone elses either. Or maybe this is just a new feature nobody knows about yet.
  2. I clicked on it to show the picture and I got an error in some program. It never did show it.
  3. Ok guys firt thing tomorrow, it may just be morning at your place, but i call it a day! Tomorrow it's avatar day!!!!!

  4. Some administrators are addicted to this forum. I fixed part of the avatar problem. Tomorrow I will fix it so that people can upload their own avatar.
  5. way to go kees :)

  6. High guys,

    It looks as if you can upload your own avatar, so give it a try. Remember maximum size is 50x50 pixels. Also click on yes behind the options use Custom Avatar.

    Have fun, Kees
  7. Thanks Kees, Awsome!!!!
  8. Makes a bow.
  9. Did I do it right? Did I get the avatar on there?
  10. Way to go justme, you did it - cool avatar too.
  11. i got one of them too.
  12. Ok, I'm feelin' left out, I'm on my way to figure out how to do it. Mind you, I'm not the most computer literate soul on earth, here, so it might be awhile!
  13. stony, go to edit profile > edit options > scroll to bottom of page and click on change Avatar. > (then it will thank you for updating your profile) > if there is a pict you see from a web site or smile site put it in the "You can enter an URL of your avatar:" but DONT PUT THE IMG TAGS ON!!! or if there is a pict you have then you press the "browse..." button and choose a pict. BESURE YOU SELECT YES ON USE CUSTOM avatar!!!
  14. Thanks, Aeroblurg! I really like all your avatars, you guys. I think I'll stick with this one until I get the hang of things. Where do you look for all those cool pics?
  15. i was looking at www.morecrap.com and i was plaing the "catch the nose before it goes in the white house game" or something like that, and the pict of the trashcan was there and thought it would be orignal.
  16. High Stonygurl:

    you can find quite a few pics on your hard drive. or if you have a scanner or camera, you could create your own. Also, you might try doing a search for pics on the internet. there are all sorts of sites that have free graphics files that you can download. If you see a pic you like on a site you are visiting, you could right click on it and save it you your hard drive too. Here's a really cool site for graphics. www.draconian.com check it out it's really cool
  17. Thanks a bunch. Justme, especially a big THANK you for the leaves lol. I looked for quite a while last night, found a celtic site. I have a celtic knot tattooed at the base of my spine and found the identical knot, managed to get it on here. But, I think I'll use the leaf for a while now. Can't wait until tonight to check out those sites!
  18. I finally got mine to work. The page where you select your custom avatar says 70 x 70 pixels. It didn't work untill I changed it to 50 x 50 like kees said. That should be changed.

    Anyway, whoever knows what my avatar is, gets a cookie. (you won't figure it out by guessing)
  19. It's 70 x 70 pixels or a maximum of 10k I guess your picture was over 10k

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