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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ItalianGymSocks, May 20, 2010.

  1. I smoked two bowls of mersh earlier, and then watched Avatar on blu-ray with my pitbull. This was mindblowing! Especially on blu-ray on my plasma. I then got too high to watch it so i decided to cut the grass. It felt like i was in the movie while cutting my grass. that was a lot of fun. i also made $20 too so that was an added bonus.
  2. haha nice man! keep tokin :smoking:
  3. Fuck yeah I got high and saw this in Imax. It was mind blowing. A lot of people don't like Avatar. Don't know why, it's a good movie.

  4. A lot of people think marijuana is bad, I think there's a pattern here.
  5. Yeah it was visually pleasing especially when baked
  6. i saw it baked in the movies and thought it was ok not great.
  7. It was awesome because I was wayy too high to pay attention to the plot so I made my own plot up for the whole movie. I think my version was 10x better than Cameron's.

  8. Hahaha please please share!
  9. I saw it stoned and thought the movie was horrible
  10. yeah i could only stand an hour of it then i got bored then just got up and went outside haha

  11. i saw it once on a cam copy like a bootleg sober and thought it was amazing!! then i wanted to watch it baked so i waited till the bluray came out.. and i was suprisingly bored with it, i couldnt get my self to continue watching it... maybe because i was tooooooo high. i was really high. to high to watch a movie high. thats prob why
  12. double post ftl
  13. Saw it for the first time baked and loved it, the idea of another world like that was pretty mind blowing when high. Took me 3 attempts to watch it thoguh, got too high to pay attention
  14. Avatar sounds awesome high, I wish I'd thought of that when it was in theaters...

    I bet Fantasia (the old one) would also be fucking incredible.
  15. sorry but 3D imax blows any blue ray TV away. I smoked so many joints and then bought great food and sat down, it was sick, don't cut it

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