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  1. should autos be started in small pot then move to larger one? My first one i started in 5Qt fabric pot there dieing but 3 weeks only 3rd set of leaves.

  2. start autos in the same size pot you want to finish them in,they only have a short life span and transplanting them will stunt them for a while witch you don't want
  3. Germinate seed, then plant in pot for entire grow.
  4. Every peice of stress you place on your plant will effect its growth. "Potting up" will cause your plant's growth to slow which is an adverse effect, given the genetics of your seed. Auto's need to grow as fast as possible, therefore like newgrower123 said, you need to pot in the size that you intend to stay at! Best of luck!
  5. Do you have any pictures? How do you know they are dying? 3 weeks is still pretty young. I'm growing autos now to and any type of stress can stunt the growth. I started in solo cups and transferred when they were two weeks. Have you over watered or maybe given to much nutes? I've had a few issues with mine so if you can figure it out earlier you might be able to save her.

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    my friend germinated auto seeds water glass method.  And then after 24 hrs put in a moist napkin in a palstic baggy in the dark on top of fridge. 24 hrs later i checked and the seeds did not appear 2 b germinating much. My friend couldnt wait and  decided 2 put them in a soil peatmoss perlite mix under flouresent light.  He has a 250 hps ready 2 go. I heard that autos can go hermy under hps at a young age and 2 hold off on the hps till first sets appear.  Also i used tap water that had been sitting around 4 about a week 2 attempt germinate, Any thoughts, advice? This is his first auto grow. Hes using a timer on an 18 - 6 schedule. The strains R auto Kush Van Stitch and the one in the pot which many r probably gonna say is 2 small is auto assassin.  

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    Lol Simply using hps lighting will not cause hermies. Wherever you heard that, stop listening to the idiots.
  8. Is that an air con unit or dehumidifier? With that wing reflector and even just the 250w, it's gonna get real warm in there

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