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  1. My first grow and I'm now learning that I was given autoflower clones...5 weeks into Veg and I have preflowers.correct me if I'm wrong. Alot of pistils and resin building up from the heat in southern California. Question is, how long can I expect this flowering process to last? I hear many different answers. Seems like autos would be a good place for begginers to start. Thinking about putting some CFLs soon since the days are getting shorter but with autos it may not matter correct?

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  2. Yeah, I would say it's an auto. All autos will flower regardless of light schedule....but how long it takes them will depend on their genetics......some will go from start to finish in around 60 days......while others can take up to 90ish.

    Putting some extra light on them won't effect them as far as interrupting their cycle or will just improve the yield...which, to me, is a good thing. :love-m3j:
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  3. I have a pretty nice Led Hood from an old saltwater fish tank. Do you think that would be a better choice?
  4. I've never used hoods so I am not sure.....I would THINK more actual light would benefit the plants a little more than a hood.....but I could be gravely maybe wait to hear/ask someone about that.
  5. Sometimes if you take a clone from an indoor setting where it receives 24 hours of light and put it outdoors it will trigger flowering even if it isn't and autoflower. Is there any way of asking the person you get the clones from if it's actually an auto?
  6. From my understanding it is not typical to clone an autoflower as the clones will act as thought they are the same age as the mother plant, This means you are missing out on critical veg time and end up with a small plant with low yields.
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  7. This still is the "general" rule of thumb....but as the autoflowers progress, so do the growing techniques.....saying that.....I dont clone autos.... but others do...
  8. Exactly this. I grow/clone/breed autos

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  9. I would imagine people do this for fast turn arounds correct? And if space is an issue you don't have to worry about huge plants.
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  10. I only clone them for breeding purposes since small plants can still produce tons of seeds.

    I usually cut 2-3 clones before they go into flowering. They will be NOTHING in comparison to the plant they came from.
  11. You can make any plant autos

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  12. You can't make any plant an auto....but you can breed any strain into an auto if you so desire....
  13. Wow so much back and forth with the auto flower grow and cloning process. the feedback is much appreciated!

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