automatic hindu kush in 12/12

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Harmonic, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. I have one grow room and my white widows are ready to flower, but the Auto Hindu Kush are about a week younger than the WW. Will changing to 12/12 cause the auto hindu kush to flower, or will they still flower automatically in a week or two?

    Does 12/12 cause auto plants to flower early?
  2. bump for some expertise
  3. your akh will start to flower as well if they "think" the light cycle has changed

    my advice would be to either let the WW veg for a week longer and let the akh catch up - but this could make your WW very lanky - all depends on grow space I guess

    or start them all flowering now and lose a little height that the akh would have grown in the last week of veg

    personally i'd start them all flowering now as a week of vegging wont make a huge difference to bud production


  4. I can let the White Widows veg for a little longer, i just dont want big plants, since my only light is a 150w HPS.

    Anyone know how much taller White Widows grow after showing sex? They're about 4 inches now.
  5. i've grown WW, White Rhino and White Russian and all will put on plenty of height in the flowering stages

    if height is a priority then I would start them all flowering NOW! ;O)

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