Autoflowering vs normal seed?

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  1. okay i have a few quick questions..
    what is the purpose of having an autoflowering plant?
    is it better for an indoor grow?
  2. it makes the grow process easier
    for people who are lazy or noobs
    which i count for both

    it shortens the vegetative growth
    and a relatively quick flowering period
    and its ready to harvest in about 2 months
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    Autoflowering means you don't have to flip the light cycle for flowering to begin, as if doing so is so difficult. Autoflowering strains have one additional important characteristic -- the autoflowering trait is not found in cannabis sativa or indica, it is found only in cannabis ruderalis. All autoflowering strains are cross-breeds with some ruderalis genetics. The problem is, ruderalis has virtually no THC, so you are also breeding in the tendency for low potency.

    There are simple ways to grow potent genetics quickly as well, no need to use the autoflowering shortcut because in the long run you are only shortcutting yourself.
  4. Autoflowering strains finish quicker, produce less(usually, I have a feeling I will be pulling 3 + ounces of of one of my Diesel Ryders), and grow shorter than "normal" cannabis plants. They are good for indoor gardens, and growers who want something fun, fast, and easy. Unlike the poster above, I recommend autoflowering plants, they are a breeze to grow, and fun to watch.

    If you don't want to go the autoflowering route, there are strains which have a 5-6 week flower period.

  5. The main use I see for autoflowering plants is being able to get multiple harvests during the outdoor growing season. Stagger your planting times starting in the spring and you could have a pretty much perpetual grow for the spring/summer/fall. They tend to stay small so that helps with the stealth aspect.

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