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  1. What Strain should I grow? I intend to plant imediatly (3rd week of June) and I am hopeing to harvest before the end of August. I know that this is a VERY short grow cycle, but after my first crop went dead, I need the procrastinator's plant. Please help
  2. Lowryder seeds?
  3. im curious about this as well
    any advice people?

    and about the lowryder strain.....
    i hear its not worth it because u wont even get an ounce per plant on an average grow
    not to mention the seeds r expensive

    any other ideas
    (and please correct me if i am wrong about this
  4. i heard papaya is a fast maturing plant and thats what am growing atm.
  5. please tell us everything! Or if you have a grow journal, that would do too.
  6. Papaya is a fast growing, disease resistant, and usually early maturing strain. It's a heavy, greasy indica staying low and dense, very suitable for sea of green gardens. thats some info off seed sites and also i have read a review somewere and it said he grew his within 8 weeks and this is my first time growing them so hopefully the will be done soon need some bud :D
  7. planetskunk has some damn good prices on papaya, 10euro for 10 seeds. are they reliable?
  8. 8 weeks is pretty standard... many, many indica & hybrid strains finish in 8 weeks. there's a few 7 week strains, and I've heard of 6 week strains but haven't seen them. I believe the spice brothers' apollo 11 and cinderella 99 are both 7 weeks. female seeds' grapefruit is an 8 week I think, but stretches and grows nicely throughout flowering and people have been pulling an ounce per plant flowering straight from seed with no veg grow time ending up with 2 feet plants. there are a lot strains with "early" in the title that are meant for outdoors and mature early... so you could just type in 'early' on the seedbank and see what comes up.

    oh, also, I think the papaya is just "normal" time for flowering, but I've heard good things about it... seen some grow journals with guys who only grow very, very high priced strains, but they had some papaya in there from a free pack they received, and they were very surprised. I've also heard that papaya is a complete knockoff of k.c. brains mango, which you can get for the same price. seen some beautiful pictures of the mango...
  9. I'm more curious on how you plan on planting if you don't have your seeds yet? The fastest delevery I've seen is two weeks and have seen people wait months
  10. i've gotten seeds within 4 days before...

    Thats supposedly a 6 week strain. I just bought myself a bag, its 12 euros, cost me like $32 USD with shipping.
  12. Also I just heard that this lowryder is an autoflowering plant that matures in 2 months, you can plant multiple times a year and as late as august. Im ordering some as soon as I get some money in the checking account.

    EDIT: True, the yield isnt too great, adn the THC is a little low, but this thing basscially grows on its own and is really short (2ft) if your confined in space and two months after you plant your seed you have bud.
  13. ditto
  14. are they good indoor grows
  15. Lowryder is good inside or out, but the early special is better outside. Ordered Early Special from rhino ( on friday and got them today.
  16. Early Girl will do real well in that time frame. Just pay attention to fertilizing and soil balance. Keep a low PH and probably best to get a soil tester if you want to maximize the growing period without over doing it or under doing it. I got some seeds from A-B Seeds and they all sproited by following germination techniques posted all over the net. Mine sproited in two days.
  17. Good point. It has taken me three weeks to get my order. Maybe he has friends that can hook him up??!!!.
  18. the fastest growing & flowering strain I have ever seen is the LEBANESE by Bluehemp Seeds! I just put them for germination ;)

    it has also a very short flowering period - in 7 weeks you have a very great mangotaste in your mouth and if you have bubblebags - a very great hash 2!

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