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    Can I do TOP / FIM / LST / SCROG on an autoflower plant? 
    Or are they "designed" to just grow without any intervention. 
    Is any of the above techniques slowing the growth of auto-flowering plants?
    I'm interested in a very quick seed-to-harvest timeframe, no matter the yields.

  2. Lst is fine, but don't top autoflowers. I don't do anything any more. Just let them grow. When the seed pops, think of the autoflower as being on a timer. I utilize my led lights around the clock. I pound them with light for the entire grow.
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    Do you mean 24/0 the entire time from start to finish?
    Did you notice any increase in yield by following this light schedule? I thought they need some dark time to focus their energy on the roots...
  4. Yes. Originally I followed the 18/6 lighting schedule. For a good while now I have been running my led lights constantly from start to finish and prefer my yields under those conditions. The autoflower doesn't really require light restrictions. It's an extremely hearty little bugger.
  5. Thanks vape2health!
    I'll try this on my next grow. 

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