Autoflowering Great White Shark Grow

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    Lowlife Auto Flowering Great White Shark Grow

    Grow Room:
    - 3.5x3.5x5'


    - Mylar on walls, ceiling, and floor
    - 2 16" fans

    - 400w HPS

    - 10-30-20 Jack's Classic Blossom Booster for flowering

    - Scotts Premium Potting Soil

    - Guaranteed Analysis
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    My first grow journal..well here it is. I'll be doing 4 autoflowering great white shark plants. Yes, they are feminized thankfully. They are currently germinating using the paper towel method. Cant wait to get these babies in their home. Also I plan to use the HPS the entire grow. The 2 fans arent here yet, getting them today. In the 2nd room picture, that like 3x8 slot is the air vent I found behind the insulation, that made me much more happier about the heat issue I could have, but now I wont. Also a nice fresh air supply for the plants. I'll be getting a small fan to put in there to blow the air in.


  3. No one care about my grow? :(
  4. gws is a great strain. im pulling up a seat on it .
  5. looks like you got everything covered, except im not sure about the miracle grow for vegging. 20-20-20 just seems too strong to me (autoflowers are very sensitive to nute burn). remember that autoflowering strains only have a veg of 14-21 days, so your only going to really need to add veg nutes maybe once or twice, or maybe not even at all. also, i would probably add some perlite and some spaghnum peat moss to your soil to allow for more aeration, prevent root rot. there are numerous threads on good soil mixes as well. other than that, your pretty much set. good luck
  6. Yeah I heard about everyone bashing miracle grow, maybe I wont use it. Should I just stick to the other nute? I was thinking about adding vermiculite just because I have some laying around. That a bad idea or no?
  7. i use fox farms ocean forest and havent had any personal experience with vermiculite, but just remember to not over mix with it, if you do your soil will look like muck and will not be an adequate medium. like i said, theres alot of threads on here about soil mixes. i think my friend used like 25% perlite / 25% spaghnum peat moss /50% soil and got great results.
  8. I'll look into some threads about soil mixes, since thats very important obviously lol.

    quick question to everyone, what do you think i could yield dry with these 4 plants under my conditions?
  9. update, 1 seed has broken through its shell, 2 are starting, 1 hasnt done much yet
  10. One seed fully germinated and needed to be planted. Notice my ghetto fan on my light lol


  11. Day 1:

    Just sprouting.


  12. havent tried the auto but just finished growing out the great white myself .... beautiful smoke best of luck m8
  13. good luck man, i'm growing an auto strain myself, check out my sig if you want to.
    but it seems like you got everything under control. that 400w hps should work wonders on your plant. the only thing i would suggest is maybe a couple cfls to give light to the parts of the plant the hps can't reach. that may increase ur yield. i'm growin one right now with 6 19w cfls and its doin beautifully thus far.
    take it easy and just do what you need to do, water it and add some nutes in a couple of weeks to get the maximum yield.
    good luck mate
  14. Im excited for it lol thanks

    thank ya. i do have 4 100w cfls, but its not true watts so its like a 36w or something idk ill be adding that when i make a fixture. Right now, one of the 2 first leafs looks deformed. Its not going out straight and parallel with the other. is that fine? Ill get a pic tomorrow of it, ill be too busy today/tonight.
  15. Day 2:

    Noticing something Ive never seen before. One of the leafs isnt growing out straight, its growing down it seems. Does anyone know what this is? :(


  16. to the top
  17. Week 1:

    I think shes looking good :) Just planted another last night and awaiting for the others to finish germinating.


    New baby :)



  18. lookin good man! I've noticed that Auto-Flowers are real fun to watch. They grow so fast! I have an auto-flowering White Dwarf on day 24 and it started showing pistils 2 days ago :D

    keep it up man!
  19. Im excited for these to get bigger. I believe I'll be planting another later today.
  20. lookin good skurr, those ladies will shoot up in no time, just take a look at mine lol. gl dude keep it up

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