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  1. Hello, can autoflower strains go back to veg after they try to flower in veg conditions? I had 6 auto flowers which flowered in veg (24 hrs light). However one of them reverted to vegetative while the rest kept flowering. Is this normal? I have no experience with auto flower genetics.
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  2. never heard of that happening it could be you may have a reg or fem seed mixed in with Auto seeds you bought ,,,,mac
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  3. Dependant on the seeds they could of gotten mixed up with regs as mac said or as iv experienced myself the auto just won't automatically flower due to the auto genetics not being strong enough.

    Doubt it's reverted to veg has it not just grown pre flower then hung around for a while?

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  4. Autos are supposed to flower under 24 hours. Or 20 or 18. They dont need 12/12 but as far as flowering then reverting no never seen it

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