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  1. So I'm running 6 unknown auto strains from ams seeds
    My question is i have 3 that are really kicking ass
    All are now in week 4 day 30 of flower ,
    day 50 from seed
    One is showing a touch of amber on the sugar leaves and a lot if milky trichs
    Is this normal for a plant that's in 4th week day 30 of flower
    or can this plant be a quick finisher
    Should i treat it as a quick finisher or let it run its course .
    I guess my question is should i keep feeding regular bloom or start with the ripening formula.


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  2. I just wrapped up a run of "Early Miss" autos that were 70 days from seed to harvest and started flowering around day 28, just to give you some idea of possible auto timeframes.
    For me, day 30 of flower was when i was thinking about flushing, so if your girls are showing amber trichs I'd probably consider implementing whatever plans you have for their final growth stage.
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  3. Thanks , I'll start the ripening and move to flush

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  4. I use the "flowering times" of autos as a general rule of thumb. I would DEF go by what the plant is showing you....and not a "general timeframe" If shes looking ready now...then get ready to chop her......I say

    Nice plant Btw
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  5. I believe it is genetics. I tried a new seed and was checking trichs at 50 days from sprout. Pyramid auto Tut. Usually I don't even bother until about day 100. I always count days from sprout. My typical harvest average is 110 days. But my older strains growing in same condition are not as fast, so that is why I suspect newer genetics, chosen for speed.
  6. Absolutely it is! I am growing some autos from ILGM and they finish at 74ish days....and that is LOOONG for used to harvesting at day 62ish
  7. Beautiful plant man!! What kind of training techniques did you use I've never grown autos but want to give it a try.

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  8. Well I'm into myth busting autos
    For one i topped it , it took to it great
    I did a little super cropping , and it took well no delay and i also anchored it down and LST
    So basically everything. [​IMG]topped and anchored [​IMG]LST and topped and some super cropping

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  9. My last grow went 92 days on blueberry and northern lights auto

    These unknown strains from the same seed bank are catching me off guard .

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  10. do NOT read the trich's off the sugerleaves, they will show amber WAY, WAY, WAY earlier than the trich's on the actual calyx. Weeks, early! you can not get an accurate reading of your plant that way.
    if the pic of the plant in your post is current you are not even close to be being ready, you have all white pistils. you are easily 4 more weeks if not more.
    I don't even begin to START checking the trich's until the vast majority of all the pistils have not only turned color, but also shriveled up and retracted back into the calyx. THAN I'll start checking the trich's under a scope and always check from a calyx, never a sugerleaf.

    put your scope away, you won't need it for weeks yet! :)
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  11. ive seen alot of autoflower "myth's busted"......and stand ready to see even more...........i love growing the beauties!
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  12. Are all the pistols shriveled and the calyx swollen? Amber on sugar leaves is nothing to be alarmed about. I've had amber out there and still clear on the calyx .
    Better a little late than too early. Imo
    One of my bb/ww autos is almost done at like 65 days the other is still weeks out same pack of seeds same everything. Autos, always something different. I like it though
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  13. That's kinda what I thought and kind of expected at least 4 wks ,
    My last grow showed no amber even at 92 days .

    When would be a good time to switch to
    I'm using koolbloom liquid
    Would it be safe to switch to powder for weight

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  14. As long as you keep your ppm/ec reasonable . I just burned mine trying to push them .
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  15. It calls for 1/4 tsp per gal
    So i figure I'd go 1/8 to start and hit it
    Feed, water, feed ,water and build for 2 or 3 weeks and then flush for remainder

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  16. Sounds like a solid plan.
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  17. you will have to go by the other's for guidance on your feeding. I don't use nutrients or feed my plants.
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  18. Lol well they look great. how long did u wait after they popped to start stopping and lsting?
  19. I routinely mainline my autos
    above the third at day 14 (makes two)
    above the first day 21 (makes 4)
    above the first day 28 (makes 8)
    Total 8 tops
    Perfect tops actually have 3 buds sites so if it was perfect you would have total 24, but perfect is rare (genetics) some branch, some don't
    Figure 1/4 oz per top and be pleasantly surprised.
    A perfect one may not fit in a jar.
    My plants are small in one gallon, I don't usually need to tie anything
    In 5 gallons they will benefit from tying.
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  20. I started about 2 wks after

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