Autoflower not flowering or slow genetics/ Help

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  1. Greetings,

    Can anyone help me with this issue please?

    So I got an Auto Bubblegum in my spacebucket. She is currently 45 days old from germination.

    So far this is my first indoor grow, I had only outdoor/windowsill ones.

    My problem is the following:

    The lady is 45 days old but there is no bud formation yet. I see maybe some preflower signs, but I'm not sure in this. Theoretically this seed should be ready in 10 weeks, okay let's say 12 because we know how breeders usually calculate this. Still, at 45 days I think something is not okay.

    I have some tips but I want to hear yours also:

    1. LED lightning is too weak for flowering as being a cheap Chinese LED? Pictures below. Was working very good in veg tho..
    2. Bad genetics/slow maturing.
    3. Not an auto? Should I try with 12/12? She was grown in 20/4 in the first 3 weeks, than 18/6 since than. However I see signs of preflower, maybe I'm wrong?

    Pictures here:

  2. Autoflowers are slow to flower but once they start they usually fatten up very quickly.
    Yours is only 45 days old. Im guessing it's a 60 day strain?
    What is the watts of yoru LED?
    What's your pot size?
    What is the temperature?
    What is the humidity?
    What is your ph?
    What nutrients are you using?
    Can you give better pictures without the purple light on? From just the looks of it, It's in the midst of starting to flower and bud right now. I would need everything I just asked above for a better answer.

  3. Hi Razerg,

    1. It is a 70 day old strain according to breeder. 10 weeks~
    2. There are 4 pictures above, picture from the LED also, btw 135W LED (45x3w leds). Chinese led tho..
    3. Pot size around 2 gallons.
    4.Temp is between 75-80F, 24-27C.
    5. Can not measure it, but got a humidifier in my room which I use twice a day for 30-30 min.
    6. PH is 6.8
    7. Nutrients: Biobizz grow and bloom currently. 1ml grow/2ml bloom.
    8. There is 2 pictures without purple light on.

    Hope I could help you. If you need any other info feel free to ask.
  4. My guess is it isn't an auto! Happens from time to time. I am growing a couple of seedsman white widow. One flowered on it own other didn't so I just put it out to flower. I have the weather to do that

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  5. No, don't go to 12/12, run 18/6 or whatever you have been using, as she is just about to kick into full flower, so... from right now, you have about 7 to 8 weeks before you flush... In other words, some auto breeders state the growing period from seed to harvest, while others, and that includes most of them auto strains, the total time for a plant to finish actually means "from the start of flower to harvest"...
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  6. What light schedule are u running right now?
  7. 18/6
  8. I've only grown one auto.... Girl Scout Cookies and Cream.. she started to flower after about 3 weeks. Finished in 120 days or so, but I had to bring her in after 60 days because we had lousy sun this summer and I had to throw her in my tent to giver her enough light. I pulled two ozs dry of nice herb.
  9. This exact same thing happened to me with the white widow from seedmans some Auto some don't it needs to be put on 12/12

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    Well its obivous by the pic its in pre-flower.Heres a pic of a auto i have at like day 34-40
    that i was running at 20-4 light schedule and i dropped it down 4 hrs and she went into full flower.
    Try dropping your light schedule down to 14 hrs if she doesnt respond go to 12 'Not gonna hurt it.Also make sure your not getting any light leakage during dark period. I think thats what messed up my autos timing. she went on to do greaT. Finish pic
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  11. Yes I had two seeds left and I knew I'd be running an 18-hour light schedule with my CMH inside I was going to veg my photo. Seeds into Big Trees then the laws changed and what I did was the first one started flowering and I noticed the other one didn't I gave it an another week and then I decided just to put all my plants out to flower the weather is just amazing here right now 77 in the day and fifties at night as you know sorry I hate to rub that in. Solution just pull it out of the light to a 12/12 schedule if you can't put it outside obviously bad weather

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