Autoflower LST Week 3

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  1. Hey farmers, i am at the moment at my second grow, and expecting to get at least two times more than the first -fifty g's- and thats because im already training my plant to grow as low as possible. Im doing two things at the same time, using wire: bending some branches to allow the light to reach to the lower spots and create new colas, and using a "web" of wire as u can see in the pic, to force it to grow horizontally, and so far so good because it is working.

    My doubt is if do you guys consider this a nice method, idk if i can be damaging the plant or wtv, just drop some opinions below and sry for my english xD

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  2. Exellent method bro, she looks great.
    How long are you going to veg her out for? Type of lights?
  3. I'm using 100w of CFL's, trying to keep the plant very close to the lights, using a fan to control the temp. (Yeah, i'll probably need a better air-circulation system later, the flowering of this strain requires low humidity) It will veg probably for one more month, i really need it to grow low, like a bush.
  4. Just done with the web method, now using the wires to do some LST. What do you guys think?

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