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  1. So I am going to be growing autoflower northernlights but I am confused about the lighting. Will this one bulb be enough?
    Or will I need to buy 2 seperate ones for veg and flower?
  2. Define enough. The plant will grow but more light will allow for a bigger yield and fatter denser nugs generally. No you don't need 2 separate lights although having lights with different spectrums can be beneficial. That light should be enough to grow a small plant. Also autoflowers basically don't have a veg period anyway.
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  3. Well I am just trying to get a decent sized yield. Anywhere from 15-30g ill be happy with. Im going to be using to northern lights autoflower seeds and will be doing alot of lst to keep them short. Do you think I should grab a UFO to go with the CFL or would it be better to get another CFL on the other side of the spectrum?
  4. I have been growing a few autos indoors. small spacebucket grows lots of lst. I use 6500K CFL bulbs for veg and 2700k for flower. I also have an 300w mars hydro LED.

    I def think you should at least do the two types of CFLs. The LED is a nice upgrade eventually, but I harvested just under 30g dry my last grow...and it got stunted pretty bad!

    ultimately up to you tho. good vibes
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  5. Thanks for the info dread :) Is that 30g per plant? I think I am going to go with two CFLs as it seems to make a big difference
  6. no problem. Yea per plant. Yea man I would try for at least 200 total watts. And with CFLs its tough to burn the plant. they can be 4-6 inches away
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  7. 200watts is gonan be hella expensive! The 100watt bulb I was going to order was about £40! If I get and LED UFO will I need just one? And will that be good for Veg and Flower?
  8. In growing lights are one of the few things where "more is better" you never hear "dude you have to many spectrums and watts" i used cfls to see what it was all about and two is better than one and six is better yet but you can position them differently when you have at least two and get better coverage, just keep them close and make sure you use some type of reflectors so 50% of your light is not being totally wasted...,
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  9. Hella cheap! dont buy those huge ones. waste of money
    check this out:

    the LED if it says full spectrum, yeah it will be good for veg and bloom
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  10. You need to hyperlink your link to some text or it wont work, found that our earlier when trying to post a link lol
  11. No need to buy one 100watt when you can fashion a reflector and use 6 off the shelf bulbs from home Depot and get far more coverage, i never used one big bulb but have to admit i had $30 into my DIY reflector
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  12. I think im goingto go with LEDs but yeah I got mylar to cover the whole of the inside. Thanks for the info man :)
  13. Sorry.. basically its a 4 pack of 100 w cfl bulbs...6500k for like 10$
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  14. So this would be fine?
  15. Ah ok, Im in the UK though so our amazons are slightly different :p I cant wait for US shipping to get here lol
    Im planning on starting this sometime next week, I will probably also post a journal if you guys are interested?
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  16. That looks dope Zeus. not too bad on price either... dont know about the brand but should be good for your grow!
    Ah i see. where at in the UK.Im here in Florida, US. Id def be interested. should i post my bubblicious autoflowers? just planted 2 new babies. theyre about 2 weeks old.
  17. Im from England, yeah you should post them! That'd be awesome :)
  18. Cool I'd love to compare grows and share ideas. I followed you

    I posted a new thread on my profile

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