Autoflower is flowering but won't stop growing

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  1. I bought a pack of those re-called Nirvana Auto-flowers, Northern Lights to be specific.

    info here: Nirvana Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

    I've got two that are flowering at the moment. One of the plants refuses to stop vertical growth. It's really interesting, but kind of annoying at this point because I'd really just like to harvest.

    White hairs everywhere, lots of bud sites but the damn cola keeps stretching.

    Can someone please recommend a tried and tested method to stunt this things growth?

    I know there are chems and nutes to stunt growth and stimulate generally short, dense plants but I'm sure these are for the veg stage and not the flower stage.

    Regarding lights, they are under a 4 bank T5 set up. 2 flower bulbs and 2 veg

    Help meh!

    thanks all :)
  2. use some string and GENTLY tie the plant down and away from your light... do not make knots around stems... just make a loose knot... if you squeeze the plant too hard it will stop growing... kinda like putting a noose around your arm.... its gonna die... but you can create a support to hold it down.... if you bend a stem too far it will break.. so do things slowly and carefully

    plants double or triple in size from veg to flower... sounds like you over grew your area... pretty normal.. next time reduce your veg time....

    most people would kill for your problem
  3. haha, that's a funny one considering you can't control an autoflower's veg time

    the only way to control the size of an autoflowering strain is pot size & training methods.

    And to OP, if your plant is stretching way too much, your lights are too far away from your plant.
  4. sure you can... its mostly genetic... but it also has to do with the lighting and light schedule

    and from most reviews and personal experience... the genetic makeup of most autos is pretty much garbage..... flowers too early or late... or never even flowers at all... so why wouldn't sticking a auto on 12/12 in the correct spectrum cause it to flower?
  5. It will effect the flowering, but like you said, it is mostly genetic. It flowers based on its Ruderalis genetics which flower in accordance to time / chronology and not as much on photo-period.

    I'm going to try the training method you described though. Hopefully it works.
  6. good luck.. i know i have had it... but as far as im concerned you can flip a auto to flower just by changing the lighting time and spectrum, or i just have the most unbelievable timing

    keep us posted

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