autoflower grower upgradin to the real shizzle

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by pcgrow, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. hi guys, ive been growing autoflower in my pc case succesfully, im now wanting to grow some proper non auto plants in my pc cse, i have a few question hopefull u guys can help me with,

    will it outgrow the case?
    do i jst grow them and when i want them to bud switch the light to 12/12?
    will i see a definate improve on yield and taste,
    and what nice strain do you guys reccomend? ive been looking at barnys farm pineaplle chunk and big buddah cheese???
  2. im currently growing BF pineapple chunk, and its an extremely large indica.

    Yes, you flip 12/12 when u want it to start budding, keep in mind they can get 3x as large when you do so
  3. whats you mean my extremly large indica, is that good?
  4. 35 days veg, under a 600w HPS


    BIG indica.

    4 weeks into flower now, its at least 2x as large

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