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    Hey again guys!

    I posted this thread to see if anyone out there who as a experience with autoflower could help me out a bit on my first grow :D

    So I planted 4 seeds on the RQS Auto starter pack and after two weeks the plants have grown a bit different from each other! :huh: 2 are a tad smaller and 1 of them has some stains on the first two leaves, anything I should worrie about?

    Been feeding only water so far, spraing a little bit everyday but not to much because the humidity where I live is usually high! I use Biobizz nutrients

    Some brownish spots on the #1

    #2 and #3 a bit smaller than #4 but overall I think they are healthy

    #4 had the first two leaves a bit curled but growing bigger than the other!


    Strain: RQS Green Gelato Automatic.
    Age: 14 days from seed.
    Light schedule: 24h on first week, currently on 20/4
    Light: Phlizon 1200w (12h full spectrum, 8h only VEG switch), 2 100w Esbaybulbs full spectrum grow LEDs and 1 125w DIY LED panell with 6 bulbs.

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