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  1. Hello guys, im currently growing a couple of the Vision Northern Lights autoflower. One of the seeds has sprouted but now the seed looks burned on one of the leaves, Other leafs look fine. Any thoughts if it would be ok to leave as is so i dont stress the plant? Or is leaving it on stressing it more? Soil is not optimal either. Switching to the foxfarm soil when out new seeds come.


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  2. What's your medium? Is this indoor or outdoor? What kind of lights are you using? What kind of water? Hook me up with some info brolo!

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    They are in a plastic cups right now with Miracle Grow Organic Choice soil. Only stuff we had at the time. Gettign some FF ocean forst soil once our other seeds arrive. They are indoor under some florurescent light we found. We started these a couple days too early. Light setup was delayed for a couple days. We decided to wait to switch until the second seed sprouts.
    They will be under 400W MH for the first month then HPS. Using distilled water. No idea on PH level.
    I tried to lightly tap the seed off of the leaf and it is stuck and im scared to pull it off. Earliier today the seed casing was trapping the leafs in so we added some extra water and let it sit for a couple hours. Came back and it was like this. Has been like this since about noon(5 hours) We put them outside in actual sunlight as the clouds cleared up to see if that would make a difference,(1-2 hours) But no =/
  4. Well fluorescent light is poop. Sounds like you're all over the place. Lol. But you're just worrying a bit too much about it. Chill out for a few days and let it do its thing. Did you germinate the seeds?

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  5. Yes i know the light is poop. the 400w system came today so we set it up tomorrow possible the next day they will go under that. We germed the seeds between paper towels in a plastic container on a heating pad we found. This grow is a little sportatic i admit once the new seeds come we will have the 400W up and running and they will be in there start to finish.
    Probably am just worrying too much ill update in a couple days after a day or two under the MH system.
  6. Yeah they can take a pretty good beating. Just chill let me do their thing and when the conditions are right I bet they blow up

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