Autoflower Fem'd or Feminized for a first tent grow?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by waronwar, Jul 31, 2017.

  1. Hey guys, thanks for all the content already here.

    About a decade ago I tried growing in a closet with some bagseed and cfls, and while I did get bud it was less than the push I needed to get my spouse to OK further expenditures on the project. (also at the time she was on the fence about smoking cannabis).

    Currently I have a tentative green light to invest in a small tent (looking at 4 by 4 by 6) and an LED (Mars 300w) and some legit seeds. I would really just need to be able to pull a half o from my initial investment to make it viable, which i really think i can do, but being able to pll out a bit more would make us both happier.

    I was thinking 2-3 plants for the size of tent, but not sure if the extra care for a standard photo plant would be more likely for a newb to get a couple ounces out of several plants. I know with varying factors this is hard to say, i am just looking for tips to make my first grow go well enough to warrant more investment.

  2. You will need a bigger light maybe the 600 watt or a little bigger as the Mars hydro 300 is good for 2x2. You can order from to the seeds. If you use auto flower put the plant directly into it's final pot transplanting auto flowers is a taboo and will stunt it's growth for a few days. Fox farm ocean forest for soil big bloom for vegetative growth(fox farm product) and tiger bloom(also fox farm) for the flowering stage. Get a wireless hygrometer to moniter temp and Humidity a inline fan with duct and charcoal filter for smell ,c02 bag is optional

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  3. Deff check out the bubble gum auto feminized seeds on msnl that's what I'm currently doing my first grow on and it turned out great!

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  4. Amount of plants is determined by amount of light, not the size of your tent. That light will only grow one plant - it only pulls about 140w, and I assure you it won't do the job of a 300w light like the manufacturer implies. I don't know where you got the idea that photos required some type of extra care - the only extra care would be changing the light schedule. I would not recommend autos for a beginner because an auto growth cycle is short and predetermined - any slowdown in growth caused by problems will adversely effect the amount of yield. Autos take an experienced grower who can take a plant from start to finish with no deficiencies or problems. If you develop a problem with a photo - and you will - you have time to rectify it and put the plant on the right track because you control its growth.
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