auto watering?

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  1. does anyone know how to set up a drip watering system or a autosystem to water your plants? thanks heaps
  2. head to your local hardware chain and ask them to direct you to auto lawn watering systems

    mod the timers and tubing to suit your needs
  3. is there anyway of doing it without using a tap?
  4. yes but you'll need a tank for the water thats under pressure

    I'm sure many of the hydro growers here can help you with this
  5. thanks for you help ill wait for some one else to post
  6. thanks but kinda hard to understand, im not doing hydro though i just want something that will drip everyonce in a while or attatched to a timer cheers
  7. you can probably get by with a manual pump tank like the ones used to spray gardens for bugs an such

    you'll probably have to make up your own attachment to run it to your spray/drip tubing but past that all you'll need to do is wire the valve that opens an closes on a timer

    if it's over your head the next best thing is using airtight 3 liters or similar with tubes glued in air tight on the bottom

    you'll have to manually loosen the caps to cause the water to flow into your tubing but it's cheap and clean if filled with a funnel
  8. thanks for that, but still very confused haha is there any way that you could draw up a diagram or something sorry for the trouble

    sorry need help
  10. Exactly! You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink...
  11. i really dont see 2 much ''homemade'' ingenuity in 96% of the thrads on g.c.,,,,, makes me really feel redneckish,,,,,, because im all about,rigging some shit up,,and saving money on a store bought item that cost 3 times as much to buy as it did 4 me 2 build it,,,heres my redneck solution,,,,,,,,, you can get a water resivour[5 gal.,,10 gal. 55 gal. drum] whatever your size,,put a bilge pump[used in boats to suck water out] submerge that baby to the bottom,,,,,hook this pump up to a 12 volt,good battery,,,,with a intermediate timer attached,,, from the bige pump exaust hole youll need to modify ,,and reduce the exit hole to the size tubing you will have running to each individual plants...all youd have to do is make sure the battery was at a good charge,,, i guess im a fucking MCGYVER,,,,,,hahahahahah take 2 popsicle sticks and some kitchen shit ,,and make a bomb:smoking:
  12. yup. and a good ressy is easily and cheaply obtained at any hardware store. It's called a plastic trashcan. Get a good 35-40gal one for like $10.
  13. brutes by rubbermaid drill and seal nicely :D

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