Auto stunted?

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  1. Looks stunted been a few days no real growth.. maybe pot too big? But its an autoflower.. any suggestions? Sorry bad lighting

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  2. Hi,

    I've grown 4 autos so im a beginner and this is my experience1a, I grew 2 in Coco/Perlite (one I planted straight to the final pot) and 2 in Miracle Grow Potting mix,

    The one straight to final pot was by far the slowest and smallest, my plant did exactly the same and just sat doing nothing for about a month, so I flushed it and started again with less nutes and less watering to begin with, she picked up and she's still growing after being planted on Feb 6th!!!, she may not be the biggest but I'll get a reasonable harvest considering what I put her through,

    What worked best for me is the Miracle Grow Potting soil, germinated, sewed in Root Riot plugs, 1 week and she was about 6" tall, now they both have stems, awesome growth, one is 6 weeks nearly and is around 120cm, very nearly to big for my tent,

    Did you say you added any nutes and how often would you water and how much?,

    Sure you'll get the more experienced with better advice and I hope you save her

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  3. Ive had overwatering problems when i started so i dont water very often.. once a week.. everytime i water i let it drain out the bottom... i dont normally give nutes until they get alittle bigger.. these ones are just growing in promix mixed with perlite and vermiculite.. watered with water ph 6.0... i normally would germinate with a cup then transfer but this time tried planting right into the bigger pot and this happened... i heard the plant is busy filling up the pot with roots as opposed to growing... first time with this problem but grew auto a few times already
  4. I'm also having the same issue, lagged growth. I did recently transplant them roughly a week ago and my dog got near them and got knocked over so In sure they experienced some stressed lol. Mine look fine though just no growth. But I also read that autos do spend lots kf energy building roots after sprouting. They are alreafy shooting for their bloom phase the second they sprout. So Im guessing they develop heavy root systems so they can shoot right up. Also it is in a bigger pot so it May take more time for it to develop.
  5. Here it is a few days later i think i have the lights too close the leaves are developing abit weird lol

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