Auto Seeds Berry Ryder with 210 actual watts and lst

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    Hello grasscity. Working on my second grow now and must say it is an extremely satisfying hobby. So my first was 3 bag seeds of decent but ended up all being males. I guess just shit luck. So I ordered some seeds and they came in without a hitch. Germed one berry ryder in wet paper towel and she popped in 24 hours and after 48 had a nice 1/2in root on her. :hello: She is now in a 3 gallon pot looking awesome and started lst a few days ago. I will be posting all pics later today. If anyone has grown this strain or has some autoflower lst experience I would love some input.

    Thanks guys,
  2. I'm on with a BerryRyder at the moment mate, not had any problems with it so far. Good luck with your grow.
  3. Thanks a lot man. Good to hear someone else going with similar grow. I'll check out your journal.
  4. So I'm working from an ipad and can't upload multiple pics at once so I need to do a post for each day. Sorry.

    So this is day one took 4 days for her to poke her head after planted.

    Day 1:
  5. Now we are at day three. Starting to get her legs under her.

    Day 3:
  6. Is that miracle grow soil I spy?
  7. Noting crazy happening. Just letting her root.

    Day 5:
  8. Haha yes it is. I know everyone shits on it but I have found great results with the moisture control soil for ease of grow as long as you stay up with ph level. Soon I'm going to redo my setup and go all natural and led and all that good stuff but for now it works. Haha
  9. Haha okay, just keep an eye on the leaf edges for nute burn and be ready to flush. You can probably get away with the MG soil but I would be really careful about additional nutes (if at all).
  10. Ok so now the fun begins. Started the lst on her today. One paperclip to hold the base in place and one to put her down a bit.

    Day 11:
  11. Thanks man. Yea since she is an auto and such a short veg cycle I am gonna hold off on nutes and only give her some bloom nutes a few weeks into flower.
  12. Ok so she loved the lst. Two days later she is starting to blowup and thicken the stem and leaves a nice dark green. Will definitely continue lsting her.

    Day 13:
  13. Just another shot of day 13

    Day 13:
  14. And lastly here is a decent pic of the setup.

  15. Day 14 and she has been pinned down once again for a little more stress testing. She reacted great the first time so I am hoping for a similar response. Here she is with the third paper clip holding her down.

    Day 14:
  16. Another picture of second lst day 14:
  17. Final day 14:
  18. Looking good.
  19. Thanks man. I'm thinking one more clip to hold her down in 2-3 days depending how she takes to this one and then might just let it go. Really wanna just lst the shit out of her but am worried due to the short automatic veg cycle. I have a fem seed of critical #47 I may start soon and just lst her till the cows come home before throwing her in flower just to experiment seeing as it was a freebie.

    Let me know what your thoughts are on another lst on her. I'll post pics a day or so before I do it.

    Thanks for the replys.
  20. Scarem,

    Are you experiencing any odor issues yet. That's the one thing I need to try to stay up on. Granted the plant is in my smoke room and I have never had any issue I want to keep odor to a minimum. If you have any input on odor of this strain let me know.

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