Auto Mig 29...days dont add up

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Mildmansmoker, Jan 19, 2014.

  1. Probably my last grow with autos-I find them to be way finicky no real growth and small on the production scale.Sure regular fems outside will take longer in summer BUT the production is 10 times the little buggers,and with seeds costing a kings ransom,well this is the last of the autos.
     A good grow last year (winter)produced around an oz per plant ( maybe a little lighter but around that area).My problem is this year.
     The first time I did auto mig29, they are healthy nice bud,trichs are pearl with 10-20% amber, the feeders are falling and drying out,They have the "harvest gold" look of plants at maturity.The only problem is timing,The breeder says 70 days from seed, and its 55 right now,there are 2 pheno types in this group one with colas pretty far apart and heavy buds on the tips of each cola the other more smaller bud sites closer together.
     I started flushing a week ago when I seen them change,wondering should I go by the trichs or breeder info????If I run a full flush then cut they will be a week early,anybody use this strain before?


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