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    Haze Automatic - First Grow
    Hi!! This is my first grow and its a freebie from attitude seedbank, Dinafem Haze Automatic. Its already gone about a month since I planted it but I decided to have a grow journal now. I don't remember exactly when I planted it but I think it was around april 15th. I have some early pics of it that i will be posting up first but there's no date on them.
    My setup isnt the best but it works for this one plant. Its in a computer case btw.
    Cfl lights - 2700 and 6500 spectrum
    Intake fan and outake fan.
    Aluminum Tape all over.
    And thats it. :D Basic

    As this is my first grow, I made some nasty mistakes and I think its going to show in the results. It hasnt grown much in one month and is still tiny.
    I used nutes to early on and at full strenght and it got a nute burn and damaged some leaves.
    My fans turned off and it got heat stress on a few leaves.
    Then some other little problems but this haze is tough and fighting even though its small.
  2. Here are some early shots of it.


    These were taken on april 30.
  3. And here are some pics from today. You could see some of the damage from before.

    You see here how small it is.
    But it actually looks healthy to me and its growing steady now so it might work out.
  4. Are you checking your ph Temps? I am also running 5 Haze autos in my grow in my sig if you wanta check it out. Feel free to ask questions there.

  5. Hey thanks for stopping by. I do check the ph levels and its all good there but I havent checked temp. Its warm but not hot but I think Im going to check it today just in case. I'll check your grow out too. How long have your haze autos been growing?
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    My hazes are baby's just a few days old

  7. Ok then good luck with your babies. You can ask me questions now :D hehe (not really)
  8. Just noticed that my haze already has pistils. :eek:
    I think the pistils have been growing for about two weeks now but I never really thought about it.
    For those that might follow this thread sometime, I don't have my camera at the moment and pics will be taken with my phone. But I'll have my camera back when its time for pictures of buds and trics.
  9. DAY 37

    So I'm going to go ahead and count april 15th as the day my baby sprouted. That would make it day 37 today. I just realized that this haze isn't going to get really big and it's probably due to my mistakes. I mean its still really small for being more than a month old.

    But it has grown much more from my last update. It's going to have more than 1 top but the sidebranches are still small.

    Some of the leaves are turning a bit yellow and the tips of some are brown or yellow. Anyone know what might be causing this?

    If you look closely you can see two pistils in the middle of this picture.

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  10. What kind of soil are you using and what is your feeding schedule?

  11. I really dont know anything about the soil. Some no brand soil with normal ferts im guessing...
    Feeding schedule would be once a week of flowering nutes at 1/4 strength.
  12. Ok you want to find some high quality soil like fox farms ocean forest. What is your lighting? Wattage? Color tempature?

  13. I have cfl's around 100w all together and a mix of 2700k and 6500k.
  14. Try moving your lights about 2-4 away from your plants. Also you will need to switch to 2700k lights. You are flowering the plant does not really need 6500k any more, you need to get more lighting. You should try and get another 50 watts of 2700k Bulbs.

  15. Thanks, I put in an extra 23w 2700k bulb i had at home. Will buy more tomorrow.
    I moved the lights about 3 inches away. Im just hoping she doesnt have to suffer anymore.:(
  16. DAY 40

    Well Lola is growing along nicely(I decided to name my haze lola :D).
    I think she's going to get really bushy but really short. Tops are growing from every node there is. Hope that its a good thing.. She isn't going anywhere in height though.

    I figured out that the yellowing and brown tips were from a nute burn. I fed Lola nutes twice in a week. I was really baked the first time so I didnt really remember when I fed her again 2 days later.
    Here are some pictures:

    I have 2 questions now that I hope someone can give a good answer to.
    First, I've noticed white powder like stuff on the soil. Kind of like a cross between salt and powdered sugar. I can rub it off the soil and was just wondering what it is. heres pics:

    Second question is less serious.
    Im wondering when there are pistils growing in the circled area does it mean it is already forming buds in that spot? Pistils are surrounding it and it looks like a hard clump has formed. If any of that made sense..

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  17. I have 2 questions now that I hope someone can give a good answer to.
    First, I've noticed white powder like stuff on the soil. Kind of like a cross between salt and powdered sugar. I can rub it off the soil and was just wondering what it is. heres pics:
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    Can someone please help out with this problem??
  18. Help??!! :confused: I feel lonely on my thread.:(
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    It's your shitty soil, get some fox farms man. It's dark and rich it makes MG look like a joke

  20. I don't think its my soil. Someone said that it's most likely due to too much nutes which caused salt to form.

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