Auto grow indoors.

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  1. Hello, on day 24 of auto flower early miss, had a rough start had a weak light on it for first 2 weeks so it only grew 2 sets of leaves but switched to 2 100w led lights about 6in away and has grown fast going on its 5th set but wouldn't be surprised if it's still behind in growth but it's my fault. Growing in organic worm castings soil mixed with 25% perlite, feeding regular water ph 6.5 and recently started nutes at 1/4 strength, noticed some fungus gnats a while ago so sprinkled soil with diatomaceous earth IMAG0473.jpg IMAG0473.jpg [​IMG]and set traps, have not seen any since then, cotyledons are turning yellow and shriveling and starting to get a bud smell from her. Any advice on anything and everything to improve, when would it be ok to maybe start LST on her or would that be bad, should I stop nutes or get more light? any advice welcome.
  2. Sorry didn't read that part you said you had already started it on that, if you have just changed the light over give it some time should take off... once it's a little bigger up the nutes some more
  3. Make sure not to over water. That soil looks like it would retain a lot of moisture

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  4. Get as much light as possible on it

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