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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Bud E Josh, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. :confused: so i got some snowryders n short stuff #1 So i was wondering how long can i keep them blooming ? it says 8-10weeks and 10 weeks have all ready passed but i dont want to harvest yet how long can i keep em alive ? and are there any benefits or cons on keeping them alive longer ? plz help :eek:
  2. look at the trichomes with a microscope or magnifying glass or something. you want cloudy and amber trichomes. they turn from clear to cloudy/milky to amber. this is when the plant is the most potent. amber trichomes give you an indica high and cloudy ones give you more of a sativa high. just make sure there arent any clear trichromes.
  3. If you wait to long thc will start to degrade. You need to see the trichs, if they are mostly amber you need to chop asap or you will start to lose potency.
  4. AHH 4 reals ! well i guess i cant depend on the 10 weeks recomemded harvest its been like 11-12 weeks and i was hoping to keep them till oct 20th but i think they r done its my 1st grow and they got with trich their very lil but i think thats normal i can see the whiteness and like half of the hairs on my plants are white the other half are orange what do you guys think i would take pics but my cam sucks ill try to post some pics but never posted pics b4
  5. ACTUALLY ON OCT.18th IT WILL BE 10 WEEKS so i guess i still got some time TY
  6. you should wait for the white hairs to change color
  7. about half their hairs are orange should i wait till all the hairs are orange or just most i think they would be ready to pick in about 1-2 weeks more
  8. You cant wait till all the hairs are orange. Its then too late. You should be looking at about three quarters. You know the THC turns into another type of chemical if you leave it longer than normal
  9. hairs are a good basic guide for your first grow but this does not apply to all strains as some like White Widow are more of a white hair strain that does not change as quick as say Red Diesel or some "red/orange" bud

    best way is def check trichs and look at the Curing and Harvesting section on this site for tons of info
  10. TY this is all very use full info. im gana start draining my plants for harvest now :D ty all for the help :hello: PS. This Halloween is gana be aWsome :hello:
  11. I you harvest on the 18th drying/curing will take longer than ten days.

    I mean you CAN smoke it but you're denying yourself some potency, flavor, texture etc. But some people are happy with that.

    I have some finishing Nov 21st and I'm hoping it'll be ready for Christmas time.

    Good Luck man =)

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