Auto-flowering bagseed? WTF!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by quintile55555, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    I started a grow 3 weeks ago, just sowing some bagseed I had lying around into some pots w/ soil. I got 10 plants all under a 250w HPS on 18/6 light. I checked on 'em yesterday and THREE PLANTS HAD BIG CLUSTERS OF POLLEN SACKS ON THEM, WTF! These plants were all obviously males, and it sucks because they were the biggest 3 out of my grow :mad:.

    I had checked all my plants only 20 hours prior, and they looked totally ordinary. I check on them just 20 hours later and ... wtf, they're flowering.

    Has this happened to anyone else? I thought auto-flowering species were a real niche item, something that stayed out of the commercial arena. I've got a lowryder 2 female going in the same growroom as these bagseed guys (doing GREAT btw, I don't mean to knock automatic plants) but I had to order the seeds online to get her going because nobody I know personally has even heard of an auto-flowering strain.
  2. 3 weeks under 18/6 and you're getting pollen sacks? I'm kinda skeptical...anybody else have an idea???
  3. Was the bud dank? Theres no reason to believe you can't get autoflowering bagseed, some commercial perpetual grows can easily yield a pound every few weeks of autoflowering bud. It's not usual, but it definitely happens.
  4. Unfortunately I don't know if the bud was dank or not. A lot of the seeds were from bags I hadn't even smoked (I got em from friends). There are seeds from lots of dank, lots of mids, even some schwag mixed in there.

    If I get any auto-flowering females I'll probably keep them because it's my understanding that auto-flowering stuff is pretty much always derived from name-brand stuff (which is VERY scarce around here).

    I've got a packet of 10 Nirvana Northern Lights seeds that I'm gonna try after these last bagseed plants. Anyone have any experience with that?
  5. I was reading a review on an automatic lowryder strain that had a turnaround time from seed to harvest of 8 weeks total. The review said it would automatically go into flowering at the end of the second week, third at the latest. You most likely got something similar to this. However, are you exaggerating the size of the sacks or are their just a lot of very small ones? The only difference i think with this review and your setup is that they recommended 20/4 as far as light goes. Hope that helps.:smoke:

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  6. i once had a 3 week old bagseed plant that grew balls, so i guess it is possible for them to randomly be an auto flowering strain of some sort

  7. The sacs aren't very big, there are just large clusters of lots of medium-little sized ones. I'm lucky I caught them before they opened :eek:.

  8. I realize this is old,, but I started bout 3-4 weeks ago did alot of bagseed,,,,,mids but dank mids lol,,,,,one has started flowering bout a week ago,,,,600w mH 24/0 lights ,,,, she looks crazy the leaves have extra or double serrations and lots of hairs after only a week

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