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  1. fellas ive got 2 autos , both nearly 10 weeks old
    tricones are cloudy , going on amber,
    suppliers said 8/9 weeks ready , but theres hardly any yellow leaves ?
    if i leave it to long , will the tricones go less potent or die ?
    thanks , any help plz dwarf2 (1).jpg cream.jpg closet.jpg
  2. Leaves are not supposed to yellow during flower unless you're flushing all the nutes out. A plant should stay a healthy green to the end of harvest, unles genectics come into play. You have a healthy green plant heading towards its finish. I'd let it go another week or 2 then harvest.
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  3. ok , thanks mate , i have started flushing and yeh , gonna leave it a week or so
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  4. Nice grow. What strain and what type of lighting are you using?

    How much do you expect to yield per plant?
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  5. royal dwarf and royal creamatic pizza , yield ? given up guessing nowadays , seem to loose 70% of the wet weight , if i get 3 ounces total , thatll be good .ill let u know ,got about a week left i think , triccs are cloudy going on amber mate
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  6. my 3 week old ones are growing fine , im only spraying with a small amount of nutes and cal/mag .ehen should i give them a proper full water please
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  7. mars hydro ll400 and a mars 300 side by side in a 3x2x6 foot wardrobe
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  8. Beautiful!
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