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  1. Anyone know what kind of yield you can get from auto's under optimum conditions such as large pots 3-5 gallon lots of light 250-400hps. nute feeding as well.????

  2. the websites that sell the seeds usually exaggerate on the yields you can actual get with your setup.

    that being said, iv seen some that say anywhere around 1 -2 oz per plant ..

    id like to know what a realistic yield is.
  3. yeah i'd like to know too...:Dp.m. me please;)
  4. Well I have 3 snowryders 3 days above dirt in 3 gallons with ffof and 250 watt hps. Gonna give them big bloom in a few weeks and a mix of big bloom and tiger bloom when they start to flower. I am hoping for 3/4 to an ounce a plant.
  5. If you are looking for a big yeild from auto's there are a couple things you can do. One is start them in a pot big enough to finish them in. This allows the roots to grow without restriction. It aso eliminates the stress of transplanting which would slow growth for a few days.

    The other thing is to feed them with 1\4 strength veg nutes along with 1\2 strength flower nutes. After they start to flower wait 1-2 weeks and cut the veg nutes. Auto's are usually a little more sensitive to nutes than normal plants, so full strength can burn them fast.

    They also seem to like 20\4 light schedule the best.

    I have not actually grown any, but I have done a ton of research because my next grow will be with auto's and I will be breeding them to start with so I have a seed stock.

    As for actual yeild, it really depends on which auto you are going to grow. Evevrything I have found says that Short Stuff seeds Mi5 is the largest yeilding autoflower. It takes a couple extra weeks to harvest though. Yeilds are 1.5 to 3 oz per plant depending on how smooth the grow goes.

    If you have optimal conditions and don't run into any bug, nute, or any other stressfull conditions you can expect 1.5oz per auto and about 2 - 2.5 oz per Mi5.

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