Auto flower experience needed.

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  1. Im going to grow a room ull of autos, so i can get back on my 2/2 veg/bloom schedule....I can grow, i have grown 1 or 2 autos also. But this time its going to be as many as i can cram in...i have 2,3,5,7 gallon smart pots, 1200 watt hid, 600 watt true led. Nutes etc..the room is 4x5x7 ...i can fit 15 7 gallon pots in there and have lollipopped 9. 7 gallon pots at once....
    Im just not sure how that many will work,
    Im going with 5 or 6 strains . Several big bud hybrids.
    Are autos relatively the same as far as nutes, water, soil needs?

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  2. No on nutes. You don't feed the first 2 weeks and start about 1/4 strength nutes then work them up

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  3. My experience with autos is that they are just like photoperiod strains in almost every way, except for auto flowering. I grow them exactly like photos, except for the light schedule. My autos actually grew bigger, and yielded more, than my previous photos grow.
  4. 24/0 or 18/6?

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  5. I use fox farms, im taking it i give it veg nutes for a few weeks then go into bloom nutes? Lol

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  6. Cramming a bunch of plants in a room for the sake of having more is just going to shade out bud development. To get the best weight off each plant you grow, you have to give each plant plenty of space so light can penetrate the canopy and develop out the buds lower on the plant. You'll harvest much more weight wise if you'll give each plant plenty of space for light to penetrate and then throw all the light you can to them. We run 1000 watt HPS for flower and only flower 2 plants under each lamp. The harvest tripled or quadrupled that of what you get by "growing a room full." But that's just my take on things. Good luck with it...regardless. TWW
  7. I've done 24-0, but am doing 20-4 right now.
    18-6 deprives the plants of some light they could be getting.
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  8. 24/0 if at all possible. I cut back to 20/4 this summer and the difference was noticeable. As soon as I got back to just one light I increased back to 24/0.
  9. Thats what im asking bro. In a 4x5 , 7 gallon pots, 1200 watts of many? And do you recommend any auto you prefer?

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  10. Thats what im asking bro. In a 4x5 , 7 gallon pots, 1200 watts of many? And do you recommend any auto you prefer

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  11. My experience with autos is that they dont get that big. That was yrs ago and ive since lesrned how to grow. So i come here to ask .

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  12. Have you grown "Big Bud" in the past? It's always been my opinion that it's a poor quality strain - no offense please. There are much better options.

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  13. 18/6 is good. The plants get a rest and the electricity bill is a little less. Good luck with your grow.

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  14. lighting depends on strain but 20/4 is my fave

    dont lollipop them u less you want a poor yeild 5-7gal fine. i use 11 ltr pots
    autos if given the right care can get huge record being over 1kg dry under 800w

    ive got 10z dry u der 250w hps
    and most my autos yeikd well abd grow well :)

    dont use fox farms ocean forrest try happy frog with extra perlite

    dont feed any nutes for 14 days then start off very low nute no more than 1/4 strength and slowly work it up.once she pre flowers keep with grow nutes untill the stretch stops and you see buds forming the switch to bloom nutes again start low work it up :)

    dont top or lollipop autos only lst and put in there final pot try not to transplant.

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  15. Usually the deal with a room full of autos is that they are all at different stages. All under 24/0 all the time. I would say 5 gallon pots are fine. My autos get 2x2. So I figure 4 sq ft per plant, but I could go more plants I suppose but that doesn't necessarily mean more better pot. As for strain I can tell you Dutch Passion was an early developer of autos so any of their older strains are tried and true and the descriptions of their seeds is pretty accurate.
    I really believe topping autos one time can even out the canopy or double the quantity of buds under good light. But if it was me I would start one plant then reap one at a time. Stagger the grow. In and out of the tent all the time. As for strain, think of an auto as pot placed on a weed called ruderalis. Ruderalis is fantastic stuff. It really does grow like a weed and it's going to flower no matter what. 200w 600w 24 hours 18 hours it really doesn';t care. It's on a mission and has so much growing energy it can carry an indica or sativa on it's back without missing a beat. So the grower simply decides which qualities of a photo he likes based on indica and sativa and then chooses a strain which has the proper amount of sativa in it to get him as high as he wants to be. Or as much indica to get him as fucked up as he wants to be, 50% is about as high as they go since pure sativa apparently doesn't cross well. The pure indicas are very easy to grow. As the sativa gets added they get a little more finicky about certain things. But an auto starts out just like a photo, and once it is in full flower it is exactly like a photo with the exception that it doesn't need the 12 hours of total darkness. If electricity or heat is an issue and you have more than 1 light you can always run just one light for a few hours and then turn it off and turn the other one on. But if electricity or heat was an issue I would just go back to photos I suppose.

    So all photo veg advice applies to autos.
    All photo flowering advice applies to autos.
    But all pot growing advice does not apply to autos.
    To me the advantage of autos is the staggered grow. Plants can be harvested and replaced one at a time. Makes harvest day a lot easier.

  16. id LST an Auto not top it.... topping is alot of stress on an auto that us on its own timeline unless youve grown autos and k ow when to top it could go really wrong and possibly end up with a hermie plant or fuck all yeild. lst if done right and know how lst works and how topping works lst can be as effective as topping id not more effective with out stressing the plant out too much.

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  17. 24 hours of light all the way man! That's my auto 39 days old [​IMG][​IMG]

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  18. these were all done under 20/4 people think its all the light dpkng and thats not the case i mean yeah it helps but you cann have all the watts in the world but if ya areas not dialed in and that root zone happy all that power means nothing [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  19. I have 3 big bags I just got of the ocean forest. Is there a reason you recommend not using this one compared to other? Just curios so I can return all this damn soil if I need too
  20. for autos its too hot hot and will stunt the shit outta them. you may get lucky where some may be ok with it but 9 timrs outra 10 ppl with stunted plants have ffof they do a soil calked haooy frog with out 3months of nutes in and autos would prefere that.

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