Auto-fem Pineapple Kush & Mango from MSNL

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  1. IMG_3371.JPG first, im super impressed. Total delivery time was 10 days on these seeds from MSNL counting weekends and it was packaged nicely; no issues whatsoever.

    I have 2x pineapple kush and 2x mango germinating. One has popped out so far, waiting on the other three. This is my first foray into autos so I can't wait to see how fast they go.

    Using jiffy pods
  2. IMG_3383.JPG Ok two of the back seeds didn't germ but I kept them just in case it's me. I replanted two and I have two that are coming to life it seems like. They don't look vey healthy to me, not sure what's going on though, I'll keep an eye on it and see what happens. If you guys in the forums have any tips let a brotha know!! Peace
  3. IMG_3461.JPG IMG_3462.JPG IMG_3463.JPG Pineapple kush looks good, the second seed germmed in about 2 days but the second mango is a bit sickly, possibly from overwatering. I'm gonna let it roll for the night and check the moisture in that jiffy pot early AM

    Setup the LED in there just for some extra rays and set the light cycle to 18/6 (autos) on my timer. Lets rock and roll!!!
  4. I've grown a few of msnl seeds now lol well more than a few haha and it's verry hit and miss with there seeds mate my first batch of white widow and Bluetooth autos most didn't germ in the widow and then had one super healthy one not so same with the Bluetooth then as they progressed there was clearly big differences within the strains and when full into flower ended up with a near full purple coloured widow and the second widow was identical in every way including smell to one of the bluetooths which was not right
    As far as the free seeds you recieve I've not had a single female in 20 od seeds now between 3 different strains so be careful with them as all where male except 2 which where full hermie from start of preflower
    I've spoken to other growers on here that have also used there seed and have the same issue as far as seeds from same batch looking completely different
    I will say though the smoke I've got so far growing there autos has been extremely high quality though
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  5. Word Lindsay420, looks like that's what I'm seeing too. The one that wasn't growing too great got stuck inside the seed so I popped it out and now it seems to be getting better. The two pineapple kush's are growing, mango's are a little bit behind, but I read that the first couple weeks is slow-going so maybe it's normal

    Adding a couple pics to track progress on future germs - master plan is to find out which one of these strains
  6. ...produces the best yield and maybe cut some clones

    IMG_3471.JPG IMG_3472.JPG IMG_3473.JPG
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  7. Here’s the progress in about a month, give or take - pretty awesome!!!

    The tall girl was showing some signs of cal deficiency (I think) so added some additional stuff to take care of that, calmag and some free sea green I picked up from the hydro shop.

    Pineapple kush in the back, Mango in front


  8. Autos are my favorite !!!!looking good- little Ak-47 auto/fem from seed supreme-(took forever to get seeds but after a few emails they were delivered with 10 free purple kush auto/fem so all good. Got jack herrer from Kroc king seeds but just planted. Anyhow here are my summer autos- total yield (DRY) 5 oz plus- 3 oz from big AK-47/ 42 grams from purple kush and had another 2, 21 gram (dry) give or take so that another 40+ grams or oz and change. Just purple kush and 2 diff ak plants but I got pics of the other plants (seed to harvest/ one and two months cured) I documented everything so I can keep getting better.

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  9. Currently-ak-47 day 41 from seed and a purple kush day 73- I STUNTED HER BY TRANSPLANTING AND DAMAGING ROOTS AT DAY 10!!!!- otherwise she would be bigger...I KNOW (if I get 10 grams dry I will be lucky. Still fun and pretty plant- lots of luck and hit me up if u wanna chat about strains and techniques

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  10. Dude those are fantastically grown!! excellent work and stuff happens; I stunted one a little by mishandling during transplant but whatevs, live and learn lol

    That’s some excellent yields too; I’m crossing my fingers that I get somewhere close to those numbers haha!!
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  11. Looking good man ;) nice
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  12. Just keep at it- this is something you can enjoy doing for the rest of your life!!!! Practice makes perfect- after you grow 15 or so plants you will be a STUD!!! Shit always happens - like mutations and what not but that's part of the fun....u never know how a grow is gonna turn out until you are pretty deep into the grow- which is why I like autos....but doing a nice photo period mainline is well worth the time and effort. I always super crop first week of flower if no the before flowering starts...after second week of flower I don't fuck with supercropping etc.

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  13. My my how time flies when you’re having fun!

    Forgot about the journal but the plants came out ok. For some reason, these autos were not as healthy as my last grow. There were yellow leaves and nutrient deficiencies throughout the entire grow. I’m sure it was something on my end so now I’m doing it again, this time with two sour diesel and two more pineapple kush’s. What I’m doing different now is growing in 50/50 mix of coco & perlite and got a digital ph meter.

    Final tally:
    Mango #1 = 1.52 oz
    PK #1 = 1.22 oz
    PK #2 = 1.53 oz
    Mango #2 = 1.12 oz

    615B2230-9A40-4B8B-8F3B-D3EAF4CCB5D5.jpeg 1B768E61-A09F-4E55-BAA6-1385E39C3C64.jpeg 5134F047-E389-4E80-A6F3-DA8E7BECB1A7.jpeg 6AC77CFA-4DEA-4A29-ADAF-D5E0C86F9F6D.jpeg 60E8197A-F468-42A9-BF23-F915A9822A5A.jpeg
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  14. Same here Lindsay 420; exact same issue with the mango. One was taller and dusted with trichs and the other one looked exactly like the pineapple kush plants lol! Man that was a bummer too because that one mango is super tasty and smells extremely strong but the other one was a dud; weird. Maybe they’re gettin high on their own supply over there hahaha!
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  15. Haha yeah something going on lol testing a batch at moment should be interesting to see what results being a purple strain hoping to get that really nice one to clone ;) but should have various different pheno to choose from going on past results haha
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  16. You're going to take clones of an auto? Auto's don't clone very well because of their finite life span. They will continue to flower or grow from where the main plant was and not reset like a normal plant.
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  17. Word, yeah I didn’t really know auto clones weren’t a thing when I posted that initially... after doing a little research i found out it’s not really worth it. :love-m3j:
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  18. Yeah. It just grows up like normal and finishes flowering into a tiny flower. If they have rederalis in them, they can't be revegged however

    If you want something like an auto that you can clone, your best bet is to just flip a plant super early and then you can take a tiny clone and have a smaller plant. You might also like to learn about re vegging. You can re veg a plant multiple times after taking its flowers. Best yet, you can clone and then reveg after flower and have two plants goin.
  19. No no this batch are feminised photos not auto man last few runs done autos but felt like doing photo run this time n seeds where free so thought why not
  20. Ah cool. was just lookin at the thread heading and got confused. :D

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