Auto Blue Mystic- yield?

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    Hey guys,
    This is my first grow so am very curious on how much yield i will be able to scrape away from my baby. This is day 49 auto blue mystic and throughout the grow i am using soul synthetics grow and big swell. I was hoping to get close to 2 ounces off of this plant but I have never harvested before so i have no idea. Please let me know how much yield i could get from this and feedback on the plant would be great :D

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  2. looks very healthy and allot of bud sites,your pot is big enough so i would say 1 to 2 oz if all goes well. are u indoors or out,?

  3. Thanks for the reply!
    Im growing it outside and its doing great but the whether recently has been ridiculously hot. In the 100s lately. I'm growing in 2 gallon air pots and I right now have counted 9 bud sites. Ill be siked if I get 1.5 ounces.

  4. hay. yeh it looks like it will go well for you,

    i love the aero pots ,ill be using them on my next grow,
    make sure you keep us updated ,ide like to see how it does.
    You can have a look at my grow if you like here

    keep up the good work
  5. Anyone else have any input?
  6. Damn I wish mine looked that freaking good. I got raped by high temps for at least a month they barely grew at all.. Im not sure about that plant in specific but based on the average auto flower you are gonna get a good amount off that bitch id guess 50+ grams per babe.

  7. haha you don't know what mine has been through...a few weeks ago i came back from vacation to the plant almost dead from under watering, and than after i brought it back to life and it was thriving, i snapped the main cola stem when doing lst. its doing great now though and as a first timer ill be happy with what i get from it.
  8. So what ended up being the final yield for your auto blue mystic? Im on day 30 myself :)

  9. Thanks for your interest in the plant! Through all the disasters that the plant went through, I am extremely pleased with the results. I was able to harvest an ounce of some of the most potent bud i have ever smoked, which also has an amazingly fruity smell. I would recommend this strain to any beginner or expert grower! I'll put up some pics of the final result a little later
  10. Also took 11 weeks from seed to harvest to grow. A little on the longer side for an auto. I used soil synthetics line of nutes and I can really
    Notice the sweetness that the nutes gave to my
    Plant. Taste and smell is out of this world!
  11. Awsome man :) Im glad yours worked out so well! I was hoping to get an ounce per plant! yea def some pics would groovy. Heres a link to my journal if you have any intrest : 1st Grow,4 Auto Blue Mystics, Soil, FF nutes, 250 HPS, Walk In Closet

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