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  1. Im going through a turblent time in my life, there are so many things i could/want to do. So im researching all my options before i choose. First off, how is the job market down there. Did you guys get with that ressecion thing? If so, how bad? I would be looking for bartending employment if I decided to move out there for a year.

    Second, Hows the weed? Any cities that are a no go for the 420 friendly crowd? If not im looking to move into a bigger city, perferably oceanside in a tropical region. Any recomendations? Price is an issue, but it is easy to over come if the location is that good.

    Third, an Australian could probably walk into an employers office in Canada, pull his sack out and and place it over his employers eyes, yell out something cheeky and be garunteed a job. They have no problem getting the sickest jobs up here. Is there any special treatment of international employees down there?
  2. " Did you guys get with that ressecion thing? If so, how bad?"

    yeah we got it, not as bad as the rest of the world though, I don't know anybody who got laid off or anything

    "Second, Hows the weed?"

    Meh, mostly no-name sativa bush bud

    "Any cities that are a no go for the 420 friendly crowd? If not im looking to move into a bigger city, perferably oceanside in a tropical region. Any recomendations?"

    It's decriminalized everywhere except for New South Wales. I think in south Australia it is legal to grow something like 15 plants for your personal use so they're pretty lax there. Also check out a town called 'Nimbin'; it's the pot capital of Australia, half the shops there are headshops, buy weed for people behind the counter. You can even smoke a joint in a place called the hemp bar.

    "Is there any special treatment of international employees down there?"

    This I don't know, maybe if you're working for a company and they transfer you :confused:
  3. Nimbin is crazy as fuck

  4. Nimbin looks a little too small for my liking. How is Brisbane to live in? Im thinking either Sydney or Brisbane.

  5. Have you been to nimban man? it's heroin addict central. It would have been cool back in the 70's or even 80's but Nimbin blows.

    I have never been to Brisbane but I hate Sydney.
  6. I had a few freinds go to Nimbin and they thought it was cool.

    Lucky they wernt attacked by the heroin junkies.

    Perth is the go !

    Great beaches, plenty of pubs so for you work. :hello:
  7. nimbin isnt a place for living, its great to visit but i wouldnt like to live there. im from melbourne and the weed we get isnt too bad, indica and better then bush bud the stuff i get, goes for about 15 a gram - 250 an ounce, those are the prices i pay. the legal situation with it isnt too bad either, you cant smoke a joint in the middle of a busy street but backyards or parks shouldnt be a problem. plenty of employment oppurtunities ecspecially bartender work, relaxed atmosphere, good weather i reccomend coming down and starting your new life.
  8. We didn't really have a recession; unemployment is usually around 5%.

    Bartending/table waiting is easy to hook up if you have experience, having an accent is also good.

    We don't tip in Australia, please be aware of that, it won't be the same as bartending in the states, you'll get a wage, which should be good. Instead of being nice to get tips, you have to be nice to keep your job.

    South Australia has the best pot, and friendliest club scene, you could smoke a joint In most clubs/pubs beer gardens without much hassle.
    I've smoked everywhere in Australia, and I definitely think our quality is the best. we have a lot of great hydro growers here, as its been tolerated the longest out of any state by the law.
    Outdoor is usually exported to the eastern states from us, because they pay more for it over there (300 an oz, compared to 200 in SA).

    That being said, South Australia's nice for a visit, but I'm sure you'd get bored here very quickly. It is also not a “tropic state”.
    Queensland or Perth are definitely the places to go if you want to socialize and relax in a tropical environment. During the Autumn/winter months it can be quite cold and miserable in SA.

    Melbourne has a weird club scene, its very hard to start up conversations with strangers. Personally I believe the majority of people there are “snooty”. Both Sydney and Melbourne have high amounts of “knife crimes” because they're “all grown up” and “mature cities” compared to places like south Australia.
    SA and Victorians have had issues with each other, so any further comments on Vics might seem biased. (we also have the best beer here, Coopers Pale ale, brewed by the local coopers family)

    BTW, forget about Nimbin as a serious option for or a long term vacation. It has an incredibly high unemployment rate, and is basically a place for “drop outs” to go. Its nice for a vacation, but you'll rapidly get tired of being asked for money by bums, or being hassled to buy outdoor bud from dodgy kids.
  9. Whoa, crazy. Is the wage something you can live off of? Around here a bartenders wage isnt really enough to live on. You rely on the tips.

    Yeah, being from Canada im looking to take a break from the shitty autumn/winter/spring. Warmth is definately a must. Im thinking Brisbane would suit my needs.
  10. My cousin got back from a long stint in Oz...

    He said everything is hella expensive compared to Canada.

    Told me weed was hard to find, but that pills and party drugs were abundant...

    Sold his car to party there, came back and is fucked 'cause he has no vehicle and no money and no job.

    All this from a volleyball lovin' college bro. Typical. I bet he enjoyed himself though.
  11. If its full time then yes, you should earn enough to live (in a shared apartment, ot share house) and still go out and socialise.
    If you casn hook up a share house with 3-4 other people you'll have plenty of cash left over, and you'll have the benifit of alot of new people (plus thier friends) to socialise with.
    Deffiently go for brisbane aswell, i've allways enjoyed myself there.

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