Australian Seed Supplier?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by jonol33t, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    OZ customs won't let me import seeds

    Anyone know of an Australian dope seed supplier?

    I'm only after a few seeds to be mailed within Australia.

    I can pay cash...


    thankyou very much for your time:):):)
  2. Lol, good luck man, any seed banks operating in Aus would be shut down quick smart. I think PlanetSkunk (off the top of my head) is somewhat australian, I dont know if they ship from within australia though.

    Your best bet is to read to get an idea of some reliable seedbanks, then order from them because they do stealth shipping which quite often makes it through customs. Also make it as safe as possible, if you can avoid having it sent to your grow location and in your name then do so.

  3. hey dude its definately possible because myself a friend of mine just ordered us a few different bags of seeds off the net and they arrived no worries very well hidden. I cant remember which site he ordered from so ill ask him for you when i see him tomorrow.


  4. thanks mate... it is just realy annoying ordering seeds and not getting them.. i will be very thankful when and if i get them from the seed bank you tell me about:hello:... where abouts are you from in australia?
  5. thanks for the info.. i will have a look around and yeah i know about that because a friend of mine got busted because he got raided after ordering seeds and got busted with 20 plants :( thanks for the heads up tho

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