australian needs seeds PLEASE!!!!

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    iv been ordering seeds of the net but Australian customs obviously snatch them up!!!is there any 1 in oz that can supply me? or know of good safe websites to order from???:eek:


    You won't Last here Long if you keep Looking for a Hookup.
  2. Haha, dont use highgrade seeds they ship from N. America and would take awhile to get to australia, use the or thcfarmer
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    Air mail is Air mail. I doubt that it would take much longer if any at all just because HighGrade is in Canada. Do the Canucks have slower planes?

    Here is a cut from seed boutique's FAQ:

    How long will it take for my seeds to arrive?
    Delivery times vary greatly depending on the season and the reliability, quality and punctuality and of your local postal service. As a general guide, the following are the times it takes for a regular package to arrive from the time we receive your order.

    UK - 2-4 days
    Europe - 2-21 days
    Asia - 7-28 days
    USA - 7-28 days
    Australasia 7-28 days.

    7-28 days.. And they cant spell Australia.

    THC Farmer is cash only and is Ebay style bidding. Here is their guarantee:

    10. What if my order is missing?
    a. If you have not received a pm confirming we have received your payment on thcfarmer within 14 days after posting your payment, you may send an email to titled 'No Shipping Confirmation 14th Day' and staff will assist you." or for a quicker response send a pm to "thcbaysupport"

    b. thcfarmer makes no replacements for undelivered packages (lost/stolen/declined for import by your national customs service.

  4. my 2 favorite websites r world wide seeds and attitude seed bank
  5. Highgrade is OK if you want that guys own back crosses lol.
    If you want quality go with somewhere else, I heard that attitudes been buying iphones and mac books with peoples credit cards so.... if you use them use a green dot prepaid visa.
  6. Ok, first it was dont buy from them because they are in North America, now its because of "quality". Please explain how breeders quality differs and how you know that HighGrade is any less quality than anywhere else. Almost all breeders make thier own strains as well as keeping classics on hand. Seedbanks are just that, a bank that sells breeders items.

    You could say the same thing about any breeder out there, they all backcross with thier own stock and add some fresh genetics in for new strains.

    But dont just take my word for it, anyone can head over to HighGrades website and check out the forums and see for themselves if they think they are low quality. I've bought from several banks and breeders, but I admit that I like HGS the best.
  7. They're not low quality but the guy is a closet hack.
    Go to thcfarmer forum and wait for OG Raskal to drop some new releases on thcbay..
    I'd take a pack of any mosca negra strain over anything Highgrade can come up with.
  8. I have grown many of Highgrade's strains over the past 4 years and can tell you first hand they are top notch quality. Some of the biggest and dankest bud I have smoked in my life and I'm an old hippie. But don't take my word for it. Go to his forums where people post their full grows and judge for yourself. Plus Highgrade guarantees safe delivery of all orders not just those that you have to pay more for like Attitude which is only a seed vendor and not a breeder like HGS. And his prices are excellent!
  9. Order a pack from Marijuana Seeds (cannabis Seeds) High Quality Low Prices(

    Plenty of GC members in the "Aussie Growers" group have successfully got their seeds delivered to Australia from this site, and the prices aren't too bad.

    Don't forget to pay for the "stealth package" option ;)

    Delivery time has taken from 7 days, all the way upto 30 days (for one of my orders)

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