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  1. I was just wondering what the world thinks of Australia? What is the general opinion about us down here and are there any other fellow Aussies out there on these boards? Another thing is how much do you guys pay for ganja were you're from? Thanks in advance for your imput!
  2. Funny, you mention it, I was talking to my wife about it yesterday, I would love to go to australia for a long explorer trip of three months, I have heard a lot of good stories about australie.

    From business piont I was asking myself is australie a good country to promote our site (like in australian search engine) do you think there is a market for our merchandise or can you get it very easy elsewhere in australia?

    thanks for letting me know!


  3. Yeah I'd reckon there would be a pretty good market for you over here. If you're gonna come here then Adelaide is the best place to buy cannabis. How cheap is ganja in Amsterdam? I've always wanted to go there. Good luck if you decide to bring your business ventures to Australia
  4. Never had a problem with an australian I've met,,yet I am on alot of various boards,and it would seem that most of the australians on many boards do not like americans.But I believe that is politically based.

    Sorry I don't buy cannabis,,I grow.

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  5. I met more Australians while in Europe than any other nationality. Always had a great time with them. In fact I got to the point I could tell the difference between A Aussie and a Englishmen. For an American that is hard.

    When I met a Aussie and said, "I see you'r from Australia." He was shocked.

    Can you Australians tell the ddifference between a Canadian and a American?
  6. Price for an oz in medical marijuana states is considerably less than in non MMJ states. For example in Colorado you can get an oz of white widow for around 300 while in oklahoma or missouri it would fetch closer to 500. Of course its how much you buy and who you know, right now I can get an elbow of ak47 in colorado for 3500! If you buy from a dispensary its gonna be 40-50 an 8th.

    Australia is the greatest place I've been in my life! I've been everywhere in the us plus canada mexico europe and morocco..nothing compares to australia. I really want to move there someday.
  7. Australia.... Almost all the wild life....can kill you dead without trying, all the people, are bad ass for living with all that wild life that wants to kill you (I'm well aware there are civilized cities there i do not mean that everyone is living in the bush lol i just mean they are all in very close proximity to a LOT of dangerous shit) Its the native land of the Platypus... which is by far the weirdest fucking shit ever (also venomous). All the deer and rabbits bred together into kangaroos and Wallabys and shit and the bears bred with some furry ass creature and the Koala was born.... starting life as little worms creatures being born way premature and then crawling its premature ass up to a pouch and finding a nipple without even technically being birthed yet...shit dude..everything down there just seems like its 10x the badass the rest of us get...i want to go there so bad lol Im jealous of Australia... Oh and the fuckingt Emu's....i think they pretty much explain themselves....fuck you Australia, you got all the cool shit....

    (disregard my statement of hopw marsupials came to life, its very untrue, but seems to be how it is :) )
  8. Never been there, but if it is anything like this i'm making plans to move there

    [ame=]YouTube - The Shins - Australia[/ame]
  9. I want to go but I need to learn how to speak Australian first.
  10. 9 year bump ftw
  11. Just noticed that, lmao

  12. it's kinda hilarious, i was a little kid when this was posted.

  13. Lmao damn! Didn't even notice the function all the way

  14. LOL deer and rabbits bred together to make kangaroos...that is funny shit and I would totally believe it!

    Australia was totally fuckin cool for real..Boulder is pretty chill I cruise up there every couple months if you know what I mean! Rocky mountain hiiiigh...
  15. I was living there when this thread was made.

    Just... don't go to the Western half.

    And just for the record, it's pretty easy to separate Canadians from Americans, for the most part.

  16. Thats actually impossible, canada is in North America, they are americans i fucking hate that term.... Brazilian people are fucking Americans too. We are the people of the united states, we chose a country name too stupid to actual have a cool name for us, so we stole americans.... my theory atleast

  17. united statesians :smoke:
  18. Well, you have your Americans, who are the people here who dont get why us being called americans is rude and unneeded, then you have the people of the united states, who are under some impression...we are united in some way.... then you have everyone else, and i call us "the native foreigners"

  19. Where do you live now? Better or worse?

  20. Sorry, I can see your point.. but I'm sure for the context of the discussion it would have made sense.

    I live on a zeppelin that travels all over the world.

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