Austin, Tx

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  1. im not new here but im moving to austin this weekend, anyone from the area?
  2. im kinda clos but i goto austin often. next it will be for ACL fest woot
  3. whats acl fest? when i lived there for 2 years in HS, there was a marley fest, is it kind of the same thing?
  4. It's a huge music festival in one of the parks. With multiple stages and MANY different types of artists.

    I've never personally been but my cousins go ALL the time.

    They've had GREAT bands
  5. im not in austin but less than an hour or so away! san antonio here brother welcome home!
  6. Yea I live in Fredericksburg. 1 hour away from SA and ATX
  7. yeah marley fest is the tits !! . ive been there the last two years. this year will be a first for AustinCityLimits looking foward to it.
  8. hey man! i am new to GC but i have lived in austin my whole life. and i smoke alot of dank. so if ur interested we could blaze one up some time :smoke:

  9. when is the next marleyfest? whats austin city limits
  10. im 10 min from austin. does anyone kno where there is any hookah bars in austin?
  11. I wish I could go to ACL, but no-one I know would wanna go.
  12. marley fest is every year on the weekend of 4/20
  13. ACL is legit... I haven't gotten to go since 2006 though. The drive from Lubbock makes me miss friday classes and I always end up having a test :mad:
  14. ATX, right here.

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